Wyatt and Isaac Turn 3!

My twins turned three this year…three!!! I am not even sure how that is possible, I just found out yesterday we were having them. No really, time has flown by with these two. They are growing up to be such sweet boys.

Wyatt is definitely the crazy one of the two, he keeps me on my toes. While he is not interested in learning things such as numbers, colors, or letters he can tell you anything about every species of dinosaur. He will talk your ear off as you laugh hysterically at him, as he has no filter which at times can be humiliating and hilarious all at once. He is the best snuggler, when he will sit still long enough to do so. He goes from 0-60 in .001 seconds.  He still is a fiery ball of ME right NOW as he has been since the day he was born. Has the sweetest hearts especially when he sees babies. He loves dinosaurs, trains, Hot Wheels, and everything BOY! You can also catch him rocking his baby doll or feeding her with the sweetest of sweets.

IMG_3604 (1).JPG

Issac is the sweetest little boy, his laugh will turn any crabby person smiling again. He can count to 10, name all his colors, identify all his shapes. and even several letters in the alphabet. He loves puzzles,  Jake & the Neverland pirates, and Legos. He is far more patient than his twin brother but do not be fooled by those big brown eyes for when he gets mad stand back. Isaac is always the first to run and hug me when I walk  through that door, even if it was to take out the garbage. Every time he yells, “Momma you came back, I love you so!” He is our outdoor boy, he loves to climb, swing, ride his bike and play in the mud. He is also my little helper in the kitchen, always wanting to see what I am doing and help when he can.


These two are the best of friends and the worst of friends, they can go from being so sweet to each other to an all out full wrestling match over a simple toy. We have loved watching these two interact, how they help each other when one is down, and how nurturing they are to each other as well as their big sister. I hope they can remain this close forever.


Happy birthday to my Sweet Twins! This year they have become obsessed with Hot Wheels! Team Hot Wheels on Netflix has a Wyatt and so it has become MY show, according to Wyatt. So our third birthday theme was born.I took to my computer as I have for all the other birthdays and started designing. Microsoft word and Picassa have become my free favorites to use.

We went with the concession stand theme for the food. We had hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, popcorn, caramel corn, cotton candy, soft pretzels, peanuts, and of course cookies. I bought everything this year except the cookies and cake, which I baked and decorated myself.


I found a checkered table cloth at Hobby Lobby that worked perfectly with out theme. I also bought the plates and silverware at Hobby Lobby, but found the smaller drink cups at Party City. Surprisingly all the serve ware I already own and it matched perfectly.


This perfect drink dispenser was given to me by great friend Betsy and it worked wonderfully! The Refueling Station Punch my sister found on Pinterest and it was a great recipe. It was easy and tasted great, only I did not add the extra sugar and I felt all the soda and concentrates had more than enough.


I bought these pretzels at Costco in the freezer section and they could not have turned out any easier or tastier.


Costco for the win again, Smart Pop for cheap and in an enormous amounts. While the cotton candy I found at the Dollar Tree. img_4063

Caramel Corn and tortilla chips I bought from Wal-mart. According to my grandfather this was, “the best damn caramel corn he’s ever had!”


Costco for the win again for traditional Virginia peanuts. After living in VA for so long sorry Planters, but your peanuts suck! Virginia peanuts all the way!


I did not have a true race car cookie cutter but the little bug one I had in my play-doh box. A few years back I had bought a giant container of letters and number cookie cutters for my classroom. I used these to make the three cookies, of course I used Isaac’s favorite color orange and then did blue to go along with the color scheme.


Mark and my dad grilled hot dogs and hamburgers that I placed in the crock to keep warm so we were not cooking while the guests were here.


I also had my little dipper going with Nacho Cheese sauce that went well with both nachos and the soft pretzels. Last but not least was the condiment station, anyone else hate that word? My homemade pickles, onions, mustard and ketchup to top those dogs and burgers.



All the kids received their Hot Wheel car as their thank you from the boys. I made the tags again in Microsoft Word by finding a blank Hot Wheels logo then adding the “wheelie” in to the logo. It was quite easy and I “wheelie” liked how they turned out.



This cake was really simple too, it make not look like it but I followed this tutorial from Pinterest. Eva and I scoured the city looking for blue and orange M&M’s but everywhere was out of those two colors…coincidence? I dunno but we ended up at Party City and got sixlets instead, which in my opinion are not as good as M&M’s but it was not my cake. Lots of food coloring and decorating bottles and the cake was complete.


The boys loved it! Wyatt just could not leave the cars on there, he was highly upset that there was frosting all over the cars.



I had also found this cute track tape at Hobby Lobby which we used to make a track for the cars down the hallway.


All in all it was a fabulous party, the kids were crazy, the adults were fed so I believe it was a success. Toys were flying everywhere, kids were screaming, and the joys squeals of two little boys could be heard above and beyond all the normal party clatter.


Wyatt enjoyed having Great-Grandpa there to help him open his gifts. He was so sweet to those boys and Wyatt fell in love with Great-Grandpa so much!


But that did not deter him from his favorite person of all times. He sticks to my dad like glue, he follows him everywhere. He has become my dad’s little shadow.


Wyatt received this undies from his Auntie Elizabeth and insisted on putting them on instantly. He wore them for the rest of his party, all the through clean up and into the evening.


During clean up Isaac insisted on having all “my orange” balloons. This little cutie is OBSESSED with orange. He’ll only eat off the orange plate, drink from the orange cup, and eat with the orange silverware.


We cannot forget about big sister Eva, who was a great sport through the entire party knowing it was her brother’s day not her’s.



Its hard to imagine that these teeny, tiny little boys are not teeny, tiny anymore. Now they are strong, big, silly, crazy, determined, smart, independent, wacky, goofy, stubborn, bright 3 year old boys!


We love you two like crazy!!


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