Pumpkin Week


So this week we did pumpkins. The boys had a lot of fun with this. Isaac who has declared the color orange HIS was in heaven. Anything and everything we did was orange, so everything and anything we did was also MINE according to him. We learned a lot about sharing and taking turns because everyone can like, see and play with orange things not just Isaac.


Monday we had a play date for my local mom’s club. These ladies are my saving grace for sanity lately. It is so wonderful to have found local mom’s with kids. I am not joking when I say I’d rather deal with high school dating all over again than to have to mom date! Not an easy task to do especially for an anxiety ridden introvert like myself. So Monday morning I packed up all three boys and headed to our play date, which amazingly enough was a pumpkin craft and book date. We read the book Splat the Cat and the Pumpkin-Picking Plan such a cute book. Wyatt gets so excited when reading books he describes everything on the page and when I say describe I mean “LOOK MOMMA BIG PUMPKIN, LOOK MOMMA CAT, LOOK MOMMA TRACTOR, LOOK MOMMA HAT” and so on. I am not sure that any heard the actual story. Isaac yelled ORANGE for most of it and Sam was too busy scarfing down orange cheese poofs to care about the book.


Once the book was finished we started on the craft. Wyatt like I expected took off to play at the train table because trains trump a craft any day. Isaac worked hard on his pumpkin and so did Sam.



We managed to get out of the house TWICE in one day, I surprised myself with this one. We met my mom’s club again for the park clean up. Our group adopts a park and is in charge to keep it clean and report any damage or broken equipment. So we let the kids run through the park looking for garbage. Now either have the cleanest park in the city or it was our lucky day. Between the 12 of us we found 3 pieces of garbage. I am not really sure any of the boys realized they were to be looking for garbage but Eva did a great job searching.


Tuesday we had a normal day at the house. I rummaged through my old teaching supplies and found my bag of laminated pumpkins in various sizes. I had the boys sit in a circle, we sorted the pumpkins based on size. We learned what small, medium, and large pumpkins were. Each boy would get a pumpkin, they needed to find the one it matched with and leave it in the pile. I had high hopes for this but seriously I am working with 3 two year old boys. They lasted an all of 5 pumpkins in and then somehow they realized if they sat on them and wiggled they moved across the carpet. It was a sit to be seen and I am sure they enjoyed every minute.




We also sang Five Little Pumpkins by Raffi, they really did think that was cute. I did not let them see the actual video and may do that Wednesday as I plan to sing the song daily with them hoping they may learn it to sing for Halloween. It was one of Eva’s first songs and performances for her preschool class.




I could tell they needed to move – what kids doesn’t. Each day we work on our numbers and ABC’s. We sing the ABC’s a few times each morning. We point to the chart, find words/pictures on the chart.



We then count with out number chart, find the objects that I ask them to and finally end with some counting and exercises to get them moving. By this time is it free play for them so I can get some lunch started and them off to bed so I can revel in the silence while they all still nap.


We also play find my shape. I yell out I see a (color) _____. Such as I see a yellow circle, to which every time they yell, “its the moon!”



We also made pumpkin bread this week. The boys were enjoying helping add things into the mixer, but then Grandma and Papa arrived with donuts in hand so I was left behind to finish the bread on my own.


Isaac would not let me have that pumpkin so I could open it and they coudl get it into the mixer. He kept yelling, “my pumpkin can!” at me but eventually he let it go.


This pumpkin bread is as delicious as it looks! Oh and we added mini chocolate chips to convince Eva to eat it.


We also headed to the pumpkin patch with my mom’s club. We went to Packer Family Farms and it was a fabulous place.


Small, great activities for the littles and FREE. Isaac loved the inflatable slide. So much so we had to bribe he off of it to move on to the other activities.



Wyatt loved all the Halloween blow ups, he ran from blow up to blow up screaming, “HALLOWEEN!!”

There were tractors to climb on and hay bales to climb onto. It was a great quick trip for us and definitely we will be going back next year!


This slide was a hit, Isaac was far more concerned withe hay sticking to his mittens than actually going down the slide. But Sam enjoyed this part the best, I believe.


The boys took a hand at pumpkin bowling, not very successful but at least they tried.




A trip anywhere with my twins would not be worth going unless one or both of them decided to run off and make me chase them. So to make sure I am always paying attention Wyatt made sure he took off for the woods, through briars and thorns you just to make sure I didn’t actually get to say taking them in public was fun and easy!  See them here out making their way through the woods, Wyatt is in the lead like usual.


We trekked that wagon all over their lawn searching for the perfect three pumpkins, in the end we found just that and headed home.


All three pumpkins, plus balloons, in tow for the greatest ride home. As they all lost their balloons shouting for me to get them but also making sure I knew each time a pumpkin rolled this way or that. It was an exciting ride home.



Once we picked out our pumpkins and headed home I of course did the mom thing and made them each sit on the front steps with the pumpkins in an attempt to actually get a cute photo….Wyatt had other plans.


Isaac was kind enough to me and smiled all perfectly and cute.

IMG_9986 (1).JPG

We also cut open a pumpkin to see what was on the inside of a pumpkin, what did it feel like, and so forth.


Sam would not touch it for the life of him, Wyatt thought it was icky and Isaac yelled, “ewww!” I thought to myself, “you three pick you noses like its your job. Some of you eat those boogers, and yet you think this is icky?”



Wyatt though surprises me daily with his vocabulary and things he says. I was explaining that these were the pumpkin seeds on the inside. Wyatt looks at me and says, “Nope, birds eat seeds.” Yep birds eat seeds just like these, but he was not buying it.




Here are a few other fun things we did this week too. We headed to our favorite TRAIN park and rode our big wheels and trikes in the drive way.







Wyatt has a new found obsession, he likes to get the mail, only he cannot get into the mail box so he cleans out everyone’s newspaper boxes at the bottom and brings them to me. If I try putting them back he is not a happy camper, so I need to go out there to deliver everyone’s newspaper back to them after he is in bed.



Next week is a mixture of Halloween themes. Witches, monsters, Halloween parties and lots more!


One thought on “Pumpkin Week

  1. Marisa,

    I so enjoy your blog. I envy you the strength and energy to keep up with the twins. Looks like Eva is doing great with school-no surprise there. We sure do miss you here at Calcott. Need someone on the K grade level to help Sandy and Paula keep things flowing!!! Take care and may this be a good week of pumpkins, witches, ghosts and ORANGE. That boys is after my heart with the love for orange!!!!!

    Liz Burns


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