Apple Week

So two weeks ago I promised you we were doing an apple week. Well we started Monday with apples by Tuesday I had Isaac randomly throwing up all over my living room. On Wednesday Wyatt sliced his foot open at about 7:30 am while I was cleaning the oven – yep I am that mom who cleans her oven before 8 am because everyone is in a cartoon trance and will not bother me. Thursday I cracked a tooth that ended up in an emergency tooth extraction that left me completely useless all day Thursday and Friday. So apples got moved to the next week since we only had Monday to do anything with apples.


So here is what we accomplished in two weeks.


I took toilet paper rolls and bent them the shape of apples, the kids dipped them into red paint then stamped them on to the paper. I then added some glue so they could add stems to each apple. Isaac loved this craft and was very meticulous about all his painting and stem placement. Wyatt was MIA, he wanted nothing to do with apples – NOTHING!




We also made applesauce pancakes and sausages for lunch one day. The kids loved, loved, loved these.



Wyatt eating the only way he does this days, in random fly-by’s. I swear he never stops moving or talking these days.



I got adventurous for lunch and made apple, chicken, cheddar quesadillas with cinnamon apple straws. The kids ate them surprisingly, it have been because I made homemade honey mustard for them to dip them into. I will say this though, they were delicious!!



Random on the spot recipe so here is what I did. Take two tortillas and top one with a few sprinkles of cheddar, top with very thinly sliced apples, shredded chicken and then a tiny more cheese so they stick together. Top with the second tortilla and place onto the griddle until golden brown.


We also read Ten Apples On Top by Dr Seuss. The boys loved this book, we have been working hard on counting now for about 2 weeks. They still mess up the numbers but are doing so well. They loved on each page how they got to count each apple on the heads.


Of course they had to point to each apple as they counted them in the book.



By about page 4 we lost Wyatt, surprise, surprise! So he did not actually get to do the Ten Apples on Top like the other two. Some days the battle with three two year olds is not worth the fight. So Wyatt won and everyone played dress up instead.







We also made apples with paper plates and torn construction paper. I drizzled glue all over the plates, then the boys placed the torn paper over the plate to stick. Not sure if Wyatt had the most efficient way or the laziest, but he chose to just throw his paper plate glue side down into the pile of torn paper and yell, “done!” and walked away. To say my twins are alike is highly amusing, because they are as different as night and day! Crafts are one thing that it shows up in weekly. Isaac is a perfectionist, perfectly placing items where they should be. Wyatt could care less, lets just get it done and move on. Good luck preschool teachers, good luck!



We made applesauce muffins together one day as well. I forgot to take any pictures of the kids measuring, pouring, or scooping. They love to help in the kitchen, while its messy it is definitely fun to do.




Next up pumpkins, so check back to see what we do with them.





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