Roisen Baby Shower

This past spring my best friend, Betsy, called with the best news ever, “I am pregnant!” I squealed, she cried, she squealed, I cried. I am so happy for her and the first thing that came out of my mouth was, “I am hosting your baby shower!”


See this best friend of my mine has been with me through thick and thin, we’ve stayed friends through high school, college, boyfriends, different states, different countries – we’ve seen and done it all while still maintaining the a great relationship. See this fabulous picture of her that was THE best trip ever!


See on a whim I decided to move to Virginia Beach to teach in the summer of 2006. Betsy and I drove all the way from MN to VA with everything I could fit into the back of my VW Jetta. It was the trip of a lifetime with memories that’ll last forever. We had a blast from mad libs to calamari on the beach once we arrived. She’s one to drop everything and help you in a moments notice, she’ll make sure you smile when you are having a bad day, she’s also the one that will keep refilling your wine glass when you are not looking. I called her when I first found out I was pregnant with Eva, long before I even called Mark- I know bad but seriously I couldn’t tell him over the phone and I needed my girl! I called her the instant I got engaged, she’s my go-to, I can tell her anything friend who gives me honest and sometimes the hard truth but that is why I love her so much. So yes, back to the  baby shower.


Betsy and I brainstormed for a long time on colors, themes, games, food and we tossed around several ideas. I wanted it to be just perfect, I wanted it to scream, “Betsy” and I could not nail that color/theme combo. So I took to my computer to get some ideas for the invite hoping inspiration would come to me. I started to design a couple of different layouts with different colors and patterns. They all did not work, then I stumbled upon this invite on etsy and knew I had just found the perfect theme. Betsy and Kate spade go together like PB&J or bread and butter. It was perfect and when I showed Betsy the invites she agreed!


These invites were so much fun to design and make. I think they turned out fabulous. The fonts I used were Scriptina Pro and Simplicity. I chose to design it all in MS Word using shapes, lines, inserting of clipart, you know the real pro way to design an invite in this day in age. But it turned out fabulous!


Sorry for the bad photos but I did not take any of the printed ones so these are of the computer screen. img_9401


After finding the theme the decorations came easy!  I made all the paper flowers for the photo booth and windows using this tutorial  and I will say they were way easier than I would have imagined! For the baby signs I used MS word again taking advantage of word art and switching out backgrounds for the letters.


This old window that the sign hung on was my sister’s and when he old office in Minneapolis got new windows she grabbed one, thankfully she didn’t want it and now is the perfect artwork for our living room!


This window is our menu board by our dining table and so it did not say “BABY ROISEN  WHAT’S FOR DINNER?” I made some smaller flowers the same way I did for the large ones to cover the “what’s for dinner phrase”


I even repurposed our wreath for our door and it so happened to just perfectly go with the theme!


Menu planning was the best part here, I had so many ideas of what I wanted to do, how to serve them, and so on. We ended up with our menu being a good assortment of both sweet and savory. I also headed to World Market to buy a great assortment of teas so everyone could choose their own tea.

Here is the food table and all the assorted goodies we had to eat.







The food was fantastic, or so they say. I realized nothing can stop me when planning a party. On Wednesday I cracked a tooth that ended up with an emergency extraction on Thursday morning. I did not get to taste any of these great foods as I was stuck on a soft food diet and some great painkillers. But I was thankful that I am not a procrastinator as I had prepped everything a week in advance, froze what I could leaving only the apple roses, egg & chicken salad for the day before as well as the tea sandwiches. No excuses, only the best for great friends!


We had a great time with all the ladies, it was the perfect little tea party. Everyone got time to sit and converse and enjoy each other’s company. I really think it was the perfect little shower!


I had gotten some fabric markers and onesies for the ladies to decorate to send some cute messages home with Betsy. I believe everyone had a great time making their onesie.


They turned out great, but I completely forgot to take pictures of them once they were finished. img_9362


The table setting turned out great. I set up my grandmother’s old table, covered it with a white table cloth then I used some fabric I had left over from my daughter’s 5th birthday party. If you have not seen that one look here.



All the ladies sitting down to tea to celebrate Betsy! Such a beautiful, smart, and kind group of young women!


For fun I took some black and white wrapping paper I found at Hobby Lobby, taped it to the wall and hung some more flowers for a quick and easy photo booth wall. img_9343

I made sure that everyone got their photo with the Momma to Be







We had a fabulous time, I also made a favor for all the ladies to take home. We all want to celebrate once baby Roisen makes her debut.


So when we all get that text or call from Betsy we can open that bottle and send our cheers! I even sent two bottles for the hospital for Aaron and Betsy to celebrate themselves.


Betsy got some great gifts, she has some great friends who love her dearly!



Thank you ladies for coming to celebrate baby Roisen with us!


Here are links to all the recipes for the menu

Mini quiche        Egg salad bruschetta (no pesto)       Chicken Salad on mini croissants

Pulled pork on sweet potato biscuits   Herbed cream cheese cucumber tea sandwiches

Apple roses     Mocha cupcakes       Lemon and thyme shortbread

Black and white almond cookies      English scones with clotted cream and jam





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