Dinosaur Week

So its been way too long since I have posted. To say we are busy is an understatement. Eva started kindergarten this fall and is loving it. Between drop offs, volunteering and pick ups I have been stretched to the max. I am loving the new routine.


In addition to Eva starting school I decided to start babysitting for our neighbor. We had spoke about this since spring of last year and I finally said yep lets add a little more crazy into our already crazy world. So now I have three little boys all day and our newest addition is only 6 months older than my twins so its fun to see the three of them play, fight, not share, share, run, push and pull.


So I chose to start theme weeks within the house where we have lots of fun with books, crafts, food and exploration of the theme we are doing. This first week is dinosaurs because what little boy does not love dinosaurs. The boys are eating it up, literally! I found dinosaur chicken nuggets at Aldi this last weekend and its kind of what sparked this whole lets play and learn together.


Dinosaur week



We have eaten dinosaurs (chicken nuggets) and dino eggs (grapes) for lunch which the boys devoured and asked for more!




I found a very cute craft where I cut out dinosaurs and glued them to the paper. Next, for the stegosaurus’ plates we used the boys’ hand prints.



They loved it and surprisingly enough everyone was patient enough to wait their turn, no paint was spilled and none covered my house.



I was amazed at how well three 2 year olds did with just me and paint. Seriously, how cute are they?



We also have seen what types of footprints dinosaurs leave when they walk. I had some modeling clay around from our trip to the Crayola Experience so we rolled it out and stamped our dinosaurs into it to see how big or small the prints the dinosaurs left for us.






We also  decided to make some dinosaur cookies as well. The boys mixed, rolled and cut the dough. All three of them had a blast baking with me.


I will say this baking with three two year olds is nothing short of crazy. We had flour all over us, the counter, the chairs and the floor. It was fun and messy and that’s what makes the best memories. img_9084


Sorry about the star but he’s our new little man and until I get mom’s approval he’ll be seen as a star.


After rolling and baking they turned out great and the kids loved them


As you can tell Wyatt is our cookie monster, he ate 4 and it would’ve been more had I not hid the rest.



Here are the cookies we made, I actually used our play-doh cookie cutters to make the dinosaurs.



We had a dinosaur picnic on Friday with dinosaur pb&j’s, more dinosaur eggs. The boys loved it!







Here’s our lunch-scape. I totally went all out for this lunch because we were supposed to be at our mom’s club picnic but I am hacking a lung so we stayed home.


I also made dinosaur eggs using coffee grounds, flour, salt and water. I used these directions and I will say they did not harden after 30 minutes in the oven, nor 4 hours so we just made do. The outside was dry and the inside was a tad gooey, but it did not matter the boys loved it!



We waited until Eva came home from school for us to crack open our dinosaur eggs. The boys loved using the hammers to try to crack it open. In the end we truly had to just pull them out. They did not get hard like I had anticipated.


Eva found the first dinosaur and then showed the boys how to open theirs.

Isaac was quite funny during this as he was determined to hammer that thing out. I even thought at one point he was going to hammer a hole into the deck rather than break that egg open.


He finally gave up and tore it in half to get his baby dino out. Don’t mind his mouth full of food here. His favorite after school activity is to bring Eva’s lunch box into the house and clean out any leftovers she did not eat.


Wyatt also had a blast with it, he kept chanting “baby dinosaur, baby dinosaur”


When he finally broke his into two pieces he was tickled to actually find a dinosaur on the inside, I do not think he actually believed me when I told him these were dinosaur eggs.


In this photo he is actually saying, “oh baby, oh baby!” He thinks anything that is tiny is a baby and loves all things baby – from real babies to stuffed animals. He even finds rocks and worms that are small and comes running to us yelling, “baby worm, baby rock”


Eva being a great big sister helping the boys get their eggs open.


This is what the “egg” looked like. It was hard on the outside but this soft inside, not quite runny but not hard either. So next time possibly a little more research on the better recipe, but all in all it was a great first week of themes. The kids definitely enjoyed playing with dinosaurs all week.



Next week our theme is apples so stay tuned to see what and where we go for apples!




*the large dinosaurs we found at the Dollar Store and the baby/mini dinosaurs came from Party City.








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