Pantry Meals

So this week I challenged myself not to grocery shop but to use what we had in the freezer, fridge, and pantry. I needed to clean up some of those items that have been in there too long or just getting overlooked.

So on the following Friday I sat down during nap time to take inventory of everything we had in the house; full bags, half-full, even a handful left everything was written down. So from there I started creating a menu placing recipes on my scribbled out menu planner for the week. After a few revisions and careful placements I finally had my menu planned.

Milk is not something we can live without so I knew we would be making a Costco trip to get our milk; $10 for milk for the week. After I took inventory of our fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh peas, mushrooms, onions, 2.5lbs potatoes and 3 carrots, I knew that we needed just a few to round out our menu. Eva and I hopped in the car and headed to Aldi where we purchased bananas, apples, and cabbage; an additional $7 spent. So we spent a total of $17 for the week, much different than our $85.24 I spent last week.

Our menu looks like this:


Sunday: breakfast- toast and eggs; lunch- fresh mozzarella, kalamata, and red onion naan pizza w/ parmesan peas; dinner – rotisserie pork loin, parmesan roasted cauliflower and sauteed potatoes




Monday:breakfast – yogurt with Strawberry Puree and granola; lunch – Chicken broth and noodle soup with fresh mozzarella on english muffin; dinner – broiled tilapia, parmesan couscous and frozen broccoli






Tuesday: breakfast- cereal; lunch-pancakes w/ strawberry puree and sausages; dinner- Crispy Pork Tacos (leftover from Sunday’s dinner) with creamy lime slaw (without cilantro because we had none) and frozen veggie saute





Wednesday: breakfast- toast with peanut butter and strawberry rhubarb butter (homemade on Sunday and delicious); lunch- chicken nuggets with tator tots & grapes (playdate here with more twins!); dinner – Ramen Bowls with teriyaki chicken(Crazy Cuizine from Costco), snap peas, carrots, cabbage and red onion



Thursday: breakfast- yogurt and granola; lunch- mac n cheese with peas; dinner- Hoisin Chicken with fried rice – our easy go to is usually Trader Joe’s veggie fried rice but after this latest recall we tried Pf Chang’s in the freezer section and it is fabulous as well.


Friday- breakfast- bagel with peanut butter and apples; lunch- at my parent’s so free meal; dinner- frozen pizza, breadsticks and salad




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