St. Patrick’s Day Fun

So last year I started the whole leprechaun comes to the house thing and felt I needed to continue it since it was all Eva could talk about in the week leading up to St. Patrick’s Day. This year Eva wanted to catch a leprechaun so set out to make a trap. We used an old cereal box and a bunch of construction paper. She had a blast decorating it once we found what we wanted to make after a quick google search.


She set out some gold coins she had to lure him into the trap


I love this “uh mom seriously you need to take another photo” look


And here is what the leprechaun left her and the boys

DSC01340The day before we made green yogurt for our breakfast and also mixed up some pudding that we added green to as well. She was pretty pumped this year to help out with all the food.

So this year instead of a leprechaun hunt we went for the trash the house approach. So the night before Mark and I took streamers and balloons and decorated the entire upstairs with them.


He put green everywhere, a new table-cloth and streamers through the chandelier


He even strung them from the patio curtains


From the kitchen to the living room and even added green fluff to the banister


The hallway got destroyed too, this was Eva’s first clue that the leprechaun had been to our house


She ran straight to the box and was a little apprehensive about opening it, I think she truly thought she had a chance in catching the little green man


As you can see she was pretty excited for all the goodies he left her


Isaac woke up and was pretty confused as he was unsure what this trap thing was, we had made it during nap time then hid it so they would not ruin it (Eva’s words and idea here)


He was pretty excited about all the streamers


He kept following them around the house, squealing of course because its his new-found favorite sound


Wyatt thought the balloons were way too much fun to just leave on the couch


Wyatt was also like, “ummm what is this thing?” he was pretty stoked to see there was one last gold nugget for him to eat


Truly there was quite a bit of candy but I know my kids too well and we hid it in the cabinet to take out one at a time or they all three would have eaten it without taking a breath


The boys chased and chased the balloons around the house for an eternity!


Isaac even tried bouncy on it and thankfully it did not break, that would’ve been a fun meltdown to stop


Eva’s green yogurt she made the day before, we topped it with sprinkles and a dollop of whip cream


Wyatt loved the yogurt


Eva did too, Isaac not so much he chose cereal instead.

We played with a balloons, ran around the basement and even had time for a good, green lunch before Eva’s preschool started


Wyatt love the cream cheese crackers, he even stole Isaac’s off his plate


They were given a small glass of sprite because it’s green, according to Eva who said we MUST drink it because of its green bottle. I love the expression Isaac made as the bubbles hit his mouth. He did this about 10 more times before it was ‘old news’


Eva ate all the fruit and veggies but could not be convinced to eat the avocado crackers or the cream cheese ones


Lunch time fun and as you can see I rarely get a photo of anyone looking and if they are all looking they have crazy faces


After preschool and naps we brought out the green, yellow, and white play doh with cookie cutters, pipe cleaners, rolling pins, pizza cutters, buttons and jewels


They loved this. Seriously the three of them started this at 3:30 and were still playing an hour later when Mark arrived home


They loved the cookie cutters


I even made a Shamrock for them to play with


They had a blast just creating, no rules, no expectations just fun


Wyatt took a hand at trying to thread buttons


I love the look of concentration on their faces, it took him quite some time to finally get it on there


I love when Isaac concentrates because he pouts his lips, the further out they are the harder he is trying


I mean seriously he is so cute!


I couldn’t resist adding this one to the blog because he has made this “ooo” face since the day he was born.


We even made leprechaun feet to fool daddy he had been there


Eva and I decided to see who could make the scarier face


I think she may have won it


As much as I would have loved to have corned beef and cabbage sadly I am not sure any of the kids would have eaten it, so we opted to stick with the green theme we had for breakfast and lunch. We made chicken stir fry with all green vegetables


Here’s out stir fry. It was super easy and very delicious! Lots of veggies, Eva picked out the asparagus, Isaac picked out the zucchini and green beans while Wyatt is still on his strictly meat only phase so he dug through the entire bowl picking out all the chicken even while it was steamy hot. Someday our grocery bill is going to rival the MNDOT’s budget for snow removal.


Here is the green pudding that Eva made for us the day before, Mark and I could not get over how translucent is was. It was quite gross and disturbing but the kids loved it. Not sure why when you add food coloring to regular vanilla pudding it turns in to that.


They loved the whipped topping and sprinkles again


Mark and I agreed that this is one of those things that does not need to be repeated next year, possible mint and chocolate chip ice cream instead


So to end our green day our we did a green bath with glow sticks. Sadly none of my pcitures were safe for me to put up for you to see them in it. We turned out the lights and they loved it. We had to beg them to get out long after the water was ice cold. The three of them insisted on sleeping with their glow sticks.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2016 we had a fabulous day!



2 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Fun

    • Loved your activities, food, and attention to detail. You all are the greatest! We had green muffins for breakfast and corned beef & cabbage with green cookies for dinner.


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