Chugga Chugga Choo Choo Wyatt and Isaac are two!!

Wyatt and Isaac are TWO!!



IMG_0765I had a great time planning this party and I knew when the train obsession started this fall that I wanted to do a train themed party. I searched and searched pinterest for ideas. When I saw the chugga chugga two two theme I knew that was it. I decided to do create their invites because it is cheaper and because I am really, really picky. I knew what I wanted but did not want to pay someone nor did I find exactly what I envisioned. One evening after the boys went to bed I locked myself in the computer, got to work on MS Word and created this!


I love how it turned out and I even managed to get a cute photo of them both looking and smiling!

I then took the same concept of red, white and blue into the decorations. I again stayed in MS word to design all of these. I know just think if I really had design software what I could do?


Here is the birthday banner that I made in word. I used a red chevron downloadable paper from Minq+Mode and the font ALWAYS HERE TOO from DaFont


I made the Herbert Platform 2 sign also in word using the same font. I google imaged trains and train track for the images I used. The felt birthday sign is from Target IMG_1033

I created more track and the train using MS Word again to place over our menu board to add to our decorations. IMG_1034

This is the sign I made for the front door, again with MS Word


We did a taco bar with Ground Beef Tacos and Chicken tacos. Alongside we served Texas Caviar from Spicy Southern Kitchen, guacamole, Fiesta Ranch dip and a veggie tray.


For safety for the kids we kept the chicken and beef up on the counter so they could not reach and accidentally get hurt.


We served tea, lemonade, water, and coffee to keep things simple.


These are the train cookies that Eva and I decorated on Friday. She did the blue ones and I did the red. She is really good at flooding frosting! She even did all the white two’s for me on Saturday afternoon while I made the party food. We used a cookie cutter we purchased from The Grande Depot in St. Cloud, we made the frosting ourselves using the recipe from All recipes, the cookie dough recipe is an all time favorite of mine. It does not require chilling and does not poof or loose its shape while baking, it is from In Katrina’s Kitchen. The wheels are just mini oreos that are glued on with a dab of royal icing.


This cake was a nightmare trying to plan and get my vision and expectation to come true. I originally purchased  silicone train car molds, they did not work at all, two box cakes later they were still raw in the middle and burnt on the top, they poofed, they were gooey, it  was terrible. So I used my mini loaf pan from Wilton which I purchased at JoAnn fabrics with a 50% off coupon! Score for me!!! Mark and I spend Saturday night dipping the cakes into candy melt, sticking the oreo wheels on quickly before it melted, and adding either mini m&m’s or mini candy coated chocolate chips. DSC01275

The Front engine is a train we used from our playroom and the railroad signs I downloaded from PBS


Mark and I created a train photo booth board from supplies from the Dollar Tree. IMG_0886

Zachary loved it!IMG_0763

Isaac squealed in delight seeing the train and being able to play with it. He was quite impressed by it. IMG_0877

Even Makayla was excited to “drive” the train. IMG_0759Wyatt out of everyone was the most excited, he kept sticking his head through the hole yelling “CHOO, CHOO”

IMG_0919Eva had Great-Grandpa putting sand buckets on his head with her, it was really cute to see him play with her and the boys.


Molly and Wyatt eating cookies together.

IMG_0778The boys with their cakes. Wyatt was very excited about this, Isaac was very unsure of this whole party thing that was happening.


As you can see here Wyatt loved being the center of attention while Isaac wanted nothing to do with the cake, the song, or anyone being in the room with him.


Wyatt remained alone, hamming it up for everyone that would watch him.


So Wyatt blew out all the HAPPY BIRTHDAY candles the best he could!


Enjoying the cakes!


Eva was pretty excited about cake and cookies, she may have filled her plate but thankfully she was unable to eat it all. IMG_0829

We got out Great-Grandpa’s table and chairs he made us for the kids to have their own table to eat at. It was quite the hit with our friends, Zachary and Makayla. IMG_0856

Presents, presents and more presents!DSC01276

The kids had fun down in the playroom playing dress up, trains, and running club. DSC01272

I am seriously could that get sweeter?! DSC01271

Lunch time with Grandma and Thomas.

For your entertainment, smiles and giggles!


Your welcome!! Everyone needs a healthy dose of Wyatt!!


Wyatt and Mommy pre-party and chaos!


Great-Grandpa was sharing his M&M’s with Wyatt. Not sure who was enjoying it more, Great-Grandpa or Wyatt?


We tried so hard to get a cute picture of the kids. Isaac was done, finished, over his party so he would not even sit on the couch. Wyatt thought it was a game to keep jumping off the couch, so here was the best one! Two sets of twins and a 5 year old and only 1 is looking!!IMG_0950

No mom!! I don’t want my picture taken!!! These are the shirts I made them for their birthday. The baseball t’s are from Old Navy and I used this tutorial by Must Have Mom to make the t-shirts  IMG_0956

Our lovely little Eva!!


We had a great party and thank you to everyone that came and celebrated!!


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