Beef Short Rib Tacos


This meal was supposed to be steak fajitas according to my meal plan. But as the day went on and I didn’t really want peppers and onion with beef I wanted a simple, clean and delicious taco. So that is how this recipe came about. It really came together as I was cooking it.

You will see as the pictures go on that there were items in my first ingredient photo that did not actually make it onto the taco or even on our plates. Twins toddlers and 5:30 dinners are well here you can see for yourself


Yes they are both on the table, Isaac is screaming because he took all the effort to grab his blanket and lug it up there just in time for Wyatt to steal it. They had been removed at least 12 times already and told no! Some days you cannot win with two toddlers, hunger, and exhaustion.


We have corn tortillas with sliced short ribs, pickled onions, and a mexican crema. I made a cold salad to go along side it as we are trying out best to get the kids thrilled about eating vegetables. Eva would not touch it, but Isaac and Wyatt enjoyed the picking the corn, beans and tomatoes out of it.


For the salad I diced 2 roma tomatoes, 1/4 of an english cucumber, 2 mini yellow bell peppers and 1 mini orange bell pepper. I added 1/2 can of black beans, drained and rinsed, and about 1/2 c of fresh/frozen corn. I added a splash, possibly 1-2 tsp of red wine vinegar and a couple grinds of my pepper and salt grinders. At the last minute I saw I still had fresh cilantro so I threw some of that in. **fresh lime juice and zest would’ve have been my go to dressing for this but we had none so I used the red wine vinegar in place of it.


For the pickled red onion I used the recipe from Shared Appetite, which they say is from Bon Appetit. It was super simple and these are going to be delicious on anything from a tuna sandwich to a burger they will not go to waste in our fridge. They gave the taco not only a wonderful splash of color but that perfect bite you needed with the beef and tortilla.


Boneless beef short ribs I purchased on a whim, I had never cooked beef short ribs. I had used country style boneless pork ribs to make carnitas last winter that were the best carnitas I have had ever! I will share those here soon. So after some research you can slow cook them so they fall apart and then they would be more like a shredded beef taco but that was not what I had pictured for this taco. I did find a few recipes where you could grill them but they were all for Korean style tacos, which sounds delicious but was not what I had planned nor wanted. So I decided to mash it up and still grill the meat but keep the traditional mexican flavor. Now I only seasoned my ribs with salt and pepper. You could marinade them easily in garlic, onion, cumin, oregano -you know the Mexican flavors you have all come to love. I chose to like to taste my meal for the flavor of what the actually meat or vegetable is not the over powering flavor.


This is my favorite kitchen pan ever, it’s a grill pan from pampered chef. It was my free gift for hosting a pampered chef party a few years back. I grill meat, vegetables, and fruit all inside on my stovetop, not to mention it makes perfect paninis. I also purchased the press that does along with it. I love it. I use it at least 3 times, if not more, a week. So this was how I grilled my beef ribs.


I cooked ours to a medium almost medium well. I let them rest under foil for about 10 minutes prior to cooking so that all the juices could soak back into the meat and not run away from me cutting into my beef while it was too hot. I sliced the ribs against the grain in thin strips.


Now as you can see there is no slaw on my taco or plate. Once I started going I realized it was not a slaw kind of a taco so back into the fridge it went. I also did not get the avocado onto the taco either. I had three kids yelling they were starving and a husband who just walked into the door begging for my attention as well so it was truly forgotten.

Short Rib Recipe:

2lbs beef short ribs & salt and pepper

Salt and pepper the ribs and cook on a med-high grill pan or outside grill. Cook 3-4 minutes per side, turning to cook on all four sides. Let the beef rest under foil for 10 minutes. Slice against the grain and serve on tortillas of choice.  Serve with pickled onion, recipe is above & mexican crema – 4 tbsp sour cream, a splash of milk, a sprinkle of cumin, mix and serve.


Mark added the cheese to his taco and loved it. I ate my just as is with a little bit of green tabasco sauce.



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