Budget Meal Week #4

Sorry this post is way late, but life was crazy here for the past week and I just did not have the time nor energy to sit at my desktop to write and publish a blog post. This is the final week for the budget challenge. While I will still use the same principles I used in February from here on out I will not be posting a weekly snapshot of it all. I will highlight some things as the months go on just not as in depth.


I tried to go shopping Friday night, failed miserably as I forgot my bags for Aldi and their produce was pretty much gone. So I gave up and came home and said I would start fresh in the morning. With having one year old, almost 2,  twins my Saturday mornings are usually met with a hollering “MAAAAMMMMAAA” twin at about 6:45-7:30. Never, no never do they scream “DDAADDDDAAA” at that hour or any hour if I may add. So I was up and ready for the day by 8 am. I dashed away to go get groceries and Aldi does not open at 8 or 8:30 it does not open until 9 am!! So off I went to Cub to grab those things I knew I would not buy at Aldi or that I knew Aldi does not have. I have never had to sit in a parking lot waiting for a store to open, but this saturday morning at 8:45 I was sitting in the Aldi parking lot with about 10 other cars just waiting for those doors to unock – I know I lead a glamorous and very exciting life!


So this week we spent $101.48 which for a family of five is pretty good. So this is what I purchased for that $101.48:


4 vanilla yogurt cups (Eva’s only request for the week), cilantro, sandwich thins, 2lbs of butter, 2lbs red onions, sweet bell mini peppers, 2 boxes mac n cheese, 2lbs yellow onions, 1lb pears, 2lbs of red grapes, 2lbs of apples, broccoli crowns, limes, 1lb tomatoes, 1 pkg string cheese, cheese crackers, Nilla wafers, potato chips, pretzel sticks, 2 pkgs of mushrooms, 1 pkg english muffins, 1 pkg bagel thins, cream cheese, olive oil, tortillas, mayo, peanut butter, 2-3lb bags of chicken tenderloins, 2lbs beef country ribs, carrots, english cucumber, strawberry yogurt – large container, and yogurt cups

Like I said before we normally do not buy bread and flavored yogurt but these kids are wiping our cupboards bare each week with these items and they had great sales so I stocked up this week hoping they can carry through to next week.


Our Budget challenge week 4 meal plan for the week looks like this. We have no recipes to share as nothing requires it. Our kebabs and tacos are simply seasoned with salt and pepper then either grilled or broiled.


Super short and straight forward because my play-doh time as ended, I can hear the kids running around squealing and giggling. I am crossing my fingers I do not open the door to the hallway to see play-doh thrown everywhere in my house.


But…the boys’ 2nd birthday is this weekend so there will be a birthday post up as soon as I can get it!!


2 thoughts on “Budget Meal Week #4

    • Country ribs are for the fajitas, we used chicken for the tacos. I should change that so it clarifies it. You can either do the ribs in the crock pot for a pull beef fajita but I am going to grill then slice or slice then grill – I haven’t decided yet. Its a good cheap cut of meat that does really far. The pork boneless country ribs are perfect for carnitas!


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