Sledding day

This past weekend I actually got out my camera for once!! Yay! it was a perfect Minnesota winter day, 40 degrees, the sun was out and everyone was happy. We bundled up these three and decided to take a hand at sledding down our “hill” in our backyard.


Finally after the 45 minutes it took us to round up all the gear and get it on we stepped outside. Eva went running out the door, she was in complete heaven. This girl loves all things winter. Skating, sledding, snow, she loves it! Wyatt not so much. We came outside and the minute his boots hit the snow this happened.

photo 2 (4)



He refused to walk on the snow, he cried and cried but was fine he if was under the deck or play set where there was no snow. He is not the snow bunny he was last year, Isaac and him have really traded places this year in their independence and adventurousness.

photo 1 (5)

I need to be totally honest here, I am could there be a sweeter, more adorable little one than this one. He melts my heart so much!


After a few times down the hill, if we may call it, that he finally decided that the snow was not that bad.


Well….until this happened 🙂 Ahh the snow, hot lava, hot lava…it only took 2 pacis and about 7 minutes for him to finally come back around to liking the snow again.


Isaac loved, loved, loved it. He made Eva pull him up this side hill at least 20 times. Being the sister she is, she gladly did this for him then rode down with him each and every time. She is such a great big sister to these boys.


They had so much fun!


Even when they slid into the neighbor’s fence they were still giggling!















Have I told you before how much I love this girl?


Isaac and daddy had a blast too! Sorry for the crappy quality but I had to crop it because their faces are priceless!DSC01001-001

Isaac giggled and giggled all the way down that hill!


Even though it looks as though Mark is either casting a spell on Eva or yelling at her here, he was really just giving her a big push down the hill, I promise!


Of course an airplane flies right over when I try to get a photo with my Isaac. Oh well he looks adorable in it! He melts my heart too!


Everyone escaped to the front yard where they proceeded to throw our snowman and squish him. At least they have fun doing it.


Poor Wyatt in the photo above he just keeps saying Uh-oh, uh-oh because the snowman has lost he eyes, nose and mouth. He was so sad when Eva kicked him over!


Thank god these two have different hats as we would never tell the difference in them out here. DSC01014




As I write this it is snowing like crazy outside! Looks like we well get another great day to go sledding here soon!!







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