Disney Princesses

So almost every little girl loves the Disney Princesses these days, our Eva is no exception. She loves every single one, she’ll watch any of the movies, play with all the dolls, you name the movie she can tell you the princess.

So when there was an advertisement for a Frozen Fundraiser here in Mpls my mother in law Jean got us tickets for the whole family. We were pretty pumped, but after looking into the details it was for 3 and up so I roped my sisters and my cousin into joining us. Eva had a blast.



We colored and ate the largest double chocolate cookie ever.


Anna read a story to everyone. DSC00513.JPG

She even danced with the princesses


Snowflakes were painted onto her cheek



Who cares about the snowflakes, its those eyes!!



We took pictures with….



Auntie Marlana had to have her picture with Belle too, its her favorite princess. I have to say Mar looks the way more excited than Eva ever did the entire time we were in the room with these princesses.


Cinderella & Auntie Molly


Snow White


Anna & Elsa


Love the giant hug she gave Anna


Eva and I because we never get photos of us!


Did you know it takes 4 grown ladies to escort one 5 year old to Disney Princess day? We are having a blast


We missed photos with Ariel and Rapunzel but we had a blast!

Thank you Grammy Jean or if you ask Eva “Squirrel” the Elf gave her the tickets this morning for being a good little girl.


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