Boy’s Room

I have become very bad at this blogging thing. But between moving, holidays, and house projects we are totally swamped. Oh wait let’s be honest its really because we have two one year old boys and a 5 year old little girl running, I mean sliding through our new house. These new, slippery hardwood floors are truly going to hurt someone some day. So if you happen to come visit us ever either 1) remove your socks and go barefoot at the house 2) buy yourself some gripper socks, you know like those kinds they sell for toddlers who are just learning to walk 3) take a chance that you’ll fall on your behind knowing that we will gladly laugh along with you as you curse and shout because you did not chose either 1 or 2 as your method of safety in our house.


So the boys’ room is as complete as it is going to get until after the holidays. There are a few, well quite a bit, of things that need to be done to complete it but time is running out and the kids are getting far more comfortable in the new house.


I decided to stick with the same colors we started with in their nursery in Pungo. My mother made the quilts for them and I just love the colors so I needed to keep that same color scheme but add a theme. I did want not a chintzy, over the top, plastered on every wall theme or one that we’d have to change again in 2 years when they are more ‘grown’ up. So we decided to do an adventure theme. We’ve incorporated maps, planes, boats but are still looking for that perfect GREEN train. No luck. Every one I find is Thomas, Chugginton, or a ridiculously expensive train model set. I just want a green engine to sit up on their shelf (scroll down to see the shelf) with the other modes of transportation.


I hate that their cribs do not match, hate it! But Eva’s was the right one and the two boys co-slept until they were 10 months old. We hated to spend money on a crib, so the left one was given to us by a local MoM who just needed it out of her house. Soon enough they’ll be in big boy beds and I’ll want to cry. Cry as in, they won’t stay in their beds, they are swinging from the curtains and jumping off their dresser for those of you who think I’ll be crying because they are growing up I think the above will over power the need to cry because they are growing up.


They have two giant windows in their room that we love because it brings so much light into their room. Curtains, oh curtains! I have had a love hate relationship with curtains, blinds, shades whatever they are since moving into this house. The windows are old and have a metal track that goes up either side of the window, limiting us from drilling holders for anything but curtains. Do you know how hard it is to find curtains, especially non-floor length curtains? These gray chevron ones I purchased from Target.  I do really like them and will pray the boys won’t swing from them later on when we transition from cribs to beds.


I found these large wooden letters at Hobby Lobby and painted them with acrylic paint to match using the colors Brilliant yellow green for Isaac’s letter and light blue for Wyatt. We had their names from their previous rooms, but the letters were so little they would’ve been lost on this huge wall, plus they have been re purposed to be used in my laundry room – post to be up after the holidays. Plus I was envisioning large white and grey stripes on this wall, the letters centered over their big boy beds someday, someday…


Oh and those cute little elephant and owl were two of the first pieces to go into the boys’ nursery before they were born courtesy of Grammy Jean. They are from Pier One and of course are not in the stores anymore but are the softest plush owl and elephant ever!


See that map, the dreaded map, that yes looks fine but is not what I wanted nor what I envisioned in the room when I imagined it all up inside this crazy mind of mine.  What I wanted to do was this, Christy Wright’s DIY canvas map, but time got the best of me and honestly my budget. First off the only map I could find was a whiteboard giant 50×32 map from Office Max. I was so upset but I had more than enough time to junk/thrift shop one and I waited until the week prior to closing to be like, “crap I haven’t made the boys anything for their room!” So then a quick trip to Michaels only to find out that to purchase three canvases to create this ‘copycat’ art piece was going to cost me around $200. So after a few phone calls and text messages back and forth with my husband and best friend to logically set my brain and bank account at ease we went with this giant 30″ x 48″ canvas  which was still too small. So we cut the map down a bit. Best part was while I was standing in line I had an AHH haa moment, I get Michael’s coupons via email all the time. Luckily I had a 40% on item on my email and managed to snag that canvas above for way cheaper than I had anticipated.


Making this “art” do I dare even call it that was not the easiest thing. I knew because I had purchased a laminated map there was no way I could actually follow any directions on the web. I  did my best and tried spray adhesive and failed miserably. To all you people out there who do not want to follow in our foot steps spray adhesive and laminated paper do not work. It rolls right back up and does not stay attached. So what did I do to solve my problem, I did what I would have done in my classroom when everything else failed. I used my hot glue gun, it is a miracle and has saved me thousands of times. I glued those little corners down and ran a small piping down the sides to each corner and its staying, so far.

So here is the completed project because as I typed this blog I hated that the “art” was not complete. So here it is.


I found giant scrapbooking letters at Hobby Lobby and they even had large script letters so I purchased them and I think they look great!


And a little photo bombing by my little Isaac. He loves to point at it and yell, “MAAAAAPPPPP!”


Here is our shelf that holds our fun little travel/adventure theme. I am afraid to place anything on their  dresser other than books in fear they will throw it all. I know, I know they will be climbing that dresser to get to it later on anyways. The air plane that is on the shelf came from Home Goods and was only $7.99, total steal as it is solid and not hallow.


We have a very cute photo of the boys that Clara Ann Photography did for us just a few weeks prior to leaving VA for MN. So if you are in VA and need an awesome photographer she’s wonderful! I actually taught kindergarten to her little girl.



The globe my best friend Betsy and I met up for a girl’s day in Eau Claire, WI and ended up at Tuesday Morning where we found the globe and our living room rug. It was not only a fabulous day for friends but also for shopping!



The music box on the dresser below it Mark made for me the year the barn came down in Pungo. It was his way of keeping part of his childhood/history and giving it to me. He built one for Eva as well. The boys love to go to nap or bed time with the chime playing.


We still need a few more things for their room on the walls just so it looks more put together but I just cannot find what I want so for now it will be complete.




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