Eva’s pink room

Eva has begged for a pink room since she could start talking. She loves anything pink. Pink clothes, pink shoes, pink food, if it is pink this girl will scream and giggle with excitement.

When we were still in VA we did the best we could by giving her a pink room by painting ‘her’ side of the room she shared with her brothers pink. It was PINK, pepto-bismol pink to be exact. Thankfully since it was only one wall it was not too hideous. Then we moved here to MN and her rental room was a dark turquoise, which she was very vocal over the fact that I promised her a PINK room and she did not get a PINK room. So move a year forward and we finally have her pink room.

I chose one of the lightest shades of pink I could find and I love it. It is not too pink and not too bright. It matches her duvet perfectly and I never even brought it with to check.


She has two large windows that brightens her room a lot making it feel a lot larger. The color in her room that the previous owners had painted was doable (it was a light beige and really did not look bad) but that promise of a pink room was there and we HAD to fulfill this one.  Here is her before picture of her room.

Eva's room.jpg

We made or re-purposed quite a few items in her room. See that dresser in the corner, I bought in VA my 1st year teaching down there at a thrift shop for $15. It has seen better days, it was painted black but half of it was peeling or had peeled off. I painted it white, bought new knobs and sprayed those pink for her, the more pink the better in her opinion. I think it looks better from far away, but we are our worst critic.


The birdcage and the lamp we also vamped up a bit.  Both items were a silvery, grayish color. We used some left over gold spray paint from her 5th birthday and gave them new life. I also had some gold washi tape left over from her party too so we added a tiny line at the top of the lamp shade to add some more gold into her room.


The sparkle art I created for her birthday party and felt we needed to add it into her room and it fits in perfectly. The gold mason jar is from Hobby Lobby and we took pink glitter scrapbook paper cut out stars, glued them back to back with a skewer in between and instant height and art. Eva also likes to call those her very own fairy wands.


This white canvas art with the gold arrows was Eva’s first art she chose for her room hence the theme of gold and pink. We were shopping at Hobby Lobby one Saturday and we stumbled upon it. She begged for this to go into her new room. How do you say no to a little 4 year old begging for art that is not princesses? So we grabbed it up and so the decorating began.


I made another trip to Hobby Lobby when she was not with and picked up these three pieces, they were 50% off and I could not choose just one, so I bought all three. I just could not resist them. Eva says flamingos are her favorite bird, gee I wonder why? So it was destined to be in her room.


These letters above Eva’s bed were the first letters we bought for her after she was born. My sister Molly helped me hang them in her nursery the year she came down for Thanksgiving. They started green, then were gray and now are gold. Not sure I can get rid of them even if I tried.


Here they are up close and they are pretty beat up but I wanted to show you that we I took pink striped washi tape and lined the sides of her letters, now this was not easy and I would not do it again. I am a horrible, horrible perfectionist with a bad chase of OCD so it took me several nights as well as several tries until it was just right. They look great and no one will ever notice the sides but its the small details I love about projects.


Molly, my sister, and I went to a thrift shop downtown Osseo after a long night of painting and found this gold metal antique frame. Molly being the bargain hunter she is talked the lady down $15 so for $50 we obtained this beauty. Only once we set it up and placed her mattress and box spring onto the frame quickly realized that it is REALLY high and the frame gets lost as “back in the day” no one had box springs. So eventually after the crazy holiday season we will place her bed back onto her original frame. Then use some crafting skills to attach this foot board and the beautiful headboard which is totally hidden.


All in all I would say Eva is one happy little girl with her new pink room. She has said more than 100 times how much she LOVES her new room, can’t you tell?




2 thoughts on “Eva’s pink room

  1. Eva’s room looks great. Wish you could come into my house and help me get rid of junk. Never have enough time to do a good job of it. Cold and rainy here today. Supposed to warm back up to mid 60’s by Thanksgiving. Hope you guys are all well and you have a wonderful Thanksgiving week-end.


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