We bought a house!

So now that we have internet, finally, I can start to show you spinets of our new house. Mark and I have been searching since about May for a house. We have been renting and just wanted a place to finally call our own. After several offers and even worse inspections we finally said, “YES!” To be honest I first found this house back in June and fell in love with it but it was not in our price range at the time. I sent it to my BF and was like, “This is what I want, its perfect! Its been remodeled, it has a huge yard, and its in the area we want.”  But it was  above what we felt comfortable paying and so the search continued.

We were running low on houses so when they dropped the price, I asked our realtor if we could just take a look, knowing it was still most likely not within our budget. I was not happy with all the split level houses we had been looking at. Too many stairs, a choppy lay out, small backyards, and dark dingy basements. I found as we were hunting that I began to loathe it and it should be like that when trying to buy a house. So we went to look at this one with several others one night. I loved it as much in person as I did from the pictures on the internet. It was bright, the rooms were larger than past houses we saw, the basement was huge and had REAL windows. Our realtor even said, this is the first house you have said, “I love…” versus the trying to persuade ourselves why it would work. So we went home and slept on it. We both woke up feeling this was the ONE. So in went our offer and the rest is history.

This post is more about the hideous colors these people chose for the house and I will add some after photos once we finally get finished with a room. Ahh, so much to do and so little time. Between 3 littles, all the ideas floating in my brain, and the massive amounts of boxes I have no time. Oh and I offered to host Thanksgiving for my family and my sister’s boyfriend’s family – I know I am crazy, but somehow I know it will all work out and be a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of family and a possible obstacle course with moving boxes.

So here is the backyard and why we fell in love it with.

back of house

The swing set that Dad is delivering Sunday is going to be AMAZING! We found a great deal for $100 off Craigslist. It has some wear and tear but for a Rainbow Play system for $100, I’ll gladly fix what needs to be, or let’s be honest my dad already has, as it has been sitting in his backyard for a month and a half now – thanks dad


Great yard and just in time for winter and lots and lots and lots and lots of snow. At least I can’t worry too much with the boys running away if there are feet of snow to prevent them from escaping.

Now the house is brown to some, to me I argue its orange, its really orange and ugly! Hopefully in a few years we will have enough in our rainy day fund to paint or re-side the house. Ughh, orange I have an orange house. But on the bright side the inside is not orange anymore either, and yes it was orange inside as well.

front of house

Our lovely basement is orange too – yes orange. But huge and will be a fun playroom now and a great place for the kids to hang with friends later on in life when all the play kitchens, legos, and dolls have been tossed aside for video games, board games, and movie nights.

Basement backwards

But I do have to say the sellers were so nice to have done this as when they bought the house a year ago and remodeled it, this basement was unfinished and horrible! They showed us the before photos and compared to those this is beautiful even with the orange.


So there is my sneak peak of the orangeness of our new house, that you know that got covered up and hidden with lots and lots of paint. Next will be the after pictures if I can ever get anything put away!


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