Halloween Part 2!

I know, sorry there is more!


After naps we had our snack that Eva mixed together the day before of their favorite chocolate and yogurt covered raisins with Aldi’s cheddar penguins. Not the best mix cheese and chocolate but hey the colors were spot on.



I asked Eva if I could take a picture of her snack and this picture says it all, “Mom I just want to eat it, why do you have to take a picture of it?”


Just a few shots of them playing around with the camera!



I love this one of Wyatt and Eva!DSC00174

We did another craft this time a pumpkin. You will see very little of Wyatt in any of these photos because he was preoccupied with Eva’s dollhouse. It wasn’t until I finished mine and took it to him showing him that he could paint a jack ‘o lantern did he finally come to join us.








Eva was ecstatic about doing another craft. She started right up and never asked for help nothing. Isaac was all about the painting until he saw me get all the shapes out for the faces, then he was done. Literally done, he screamed and screamed until he had all the shapes, stealing them right off Eva’s pumpkin after she had glued them on. He refused to let go of the glue bottle and decided that the pumpkin needed several eyes, noses and other random growths on its face. But as always in a mother’s eyes its beautiful for his first pumpkin.


This craft turned out well but ended in utter chaos. The boys were screaming because I took away their pumpkins, the glue and the extra shapes. It was an all out throw myself on the floor, narrowly missing the kitchen tile and scream so hard you need to ask them to breathe in the fear they may pass out tantrum. We quickly escorted them downstairs to the Lego’s and all was well again.

DSC00269Isaac’s is the top right, Wyatt’s top left, and Eva’s on the bottom.


Eva was quite a bit more meticulous about her pumpkin, imagine that my daughter meticulous about details I wonder where she would ever learn that? He he! She made sure her pumpkin had eyes, ears, eyebrows, a nose, a mouth and the stem on just perfect, which she traded out three times because Isaac kept touching it and getting paint all over it. I actually get scolded when I moved it as well because I moved it out of the spot she had put it in to start with.



Eva helped me make a pumpkin shaped pizza. She was all excited to roll it out, put sauce and cheese on it. She was quite the little helper. Now when it was time to eat that same pizza she made and was so excited about it was “icky, gross, I am not eating that, I don’t like pizza anymore!” Story of our lives right now with this five year old going on 16 year old. One day she loves peas the next don’t you dare let them touch her plate or MELTDOWN. So whatever its a holiday if you would rather not eat the pumpkin pizza then don’t you will have enough candy later to feed a small African nation.


The boys figured out how to take their shirts off tonight..yay, not really! At dinner they ate one slice of pizza and found it way more fun to stand up and blow bubbles in their water. They giggled and giggled so Mark and I enjoyed a semi-peaceful dinner.



After what felt like an eternity, because Eva kept asking every 3 seconds, we finally got ready to trick or treat. We were so excited and the kids were too. I wanted to get them dressed early so that I could get a few photos of them in the yard while it was still light out.


I was surprised that when I asked Isaac to sit on the front step he actually did!



They also made up a few of their own poses like the one here in front of the garage door.




Who doesn’t love to be given a flower randomly! Such a sweet boy!


Our neighbor next door, who does not participate in giving out candy, came over to give the kids candy. He is Russian, his wife and him are so nice and great to the kids, but the candy he gave them was from the Russian store and we could not read a thing on the package. Regardless it was very sweet of him to come over and give the kids candy, Wyatt just loves him and smiled he heart out for him.


So after a few, well about 50 photos or more, we decided to get on our way trick or treating.



We started at 6 because I was worried the boys would have a meltdown and not be able to go if we waited to long plus once the sun goes down it would be so cold.


I was very impressed with Eva she went right up to the doors, rang their bell and said trick or treat like a pro. She even made sure to ask for some for her brothers as some doors were hard to reach with the wagon.


On our street there were very little people with their lights on, it was disappointing so we headed across the busy road to where there are more houses and not just town homes and apartments. We hit about 15 houses but man people gave out tons to the kids. There were some giving out full size candy bars, 4 packages of snack-sized cookie/cracker bags, and handfuls of candy. To say we came home with a lot of candy is an understatement.


After changing into their jammies and examining their loot each got to choose two things to eat. Then came the bouncing off the table on to the couch, running around playing tag, and lots and lots of squealing. Thank you candy, thank you!




Boys’ in skeleton pj’s are adorable! I wish I had found some for Eva this year.


After putting the boys to bed we decided to go through everything to make sure there was nothing opened, icky or things we cannot have. Eva and I sorted it of course.



Happy Halloween!! Oh and we only had 2 trick or treaters! TWO!!


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