Halloween Part 1!

I am so excited for this year’s Halloween. Eva is beyond excited and the boys are starting to understand the concept. Plus this is out first year with a house that is in the city where we will be able to give out candy ourselves and the kids can walk the neighborhood to get candy. In year’s past we have driven to the local church down the road from us in Pungo to do trunk ‘n treat. It was always a great time but Eva spent more time in the bounce house than trick or treating because the costumes and trunk decorations scared her.

This year I decided to make a day of it. Eva and I worked hard Friday afternoon during nap time to prep everything for Saturday. We baked brownies and cut them into pumpkin shapes, cut and skewered fruit, and mixed together our snacks for the day.

photo 1 (4)

photo 2 (3)

photo 3 (2)

photo 4

Mark and I spent Friday night making Frankenstein cups and cutting shapes for the two crafts I planned, praying that at least one would work! It felt like I was getting ready for my old kindergarten parties without an extra 20 kids to be prepared for. Not sure he was too thrilled but he helped anyways.

So this morning we had a monstrous breakfast with our Frankenstein cups that we made the night before. Eva and I Friday took vanilla greek yogurt and dyed it green. I’ve seen these floating around Pinterest with pudding but wanted it for breakfast so we used yogurt instead. Eva crushed the cookies for the topping herself. Way more fun than me taking a rolling pin to them.

photo (2)

We topped the yogurt with the crushed chocolate cookies, I mean its Halloween and a holiday so starting your day off with chocolate is acceptable, right?



Both Eva and Wyatt in these two photos are going, “Mmmmmm”DSC00087


The crazy teacher in me decided that I would attempt a craft, painting and gluing, oh my! I mean I used to teach Kindergarten and did crafts with 20+ kids at once, how hard can it be with one 5 year old and two 1 year olds? Plus Mark is here to help corral them if it goes terribly wrong.

DSC00091 DSC00092


Surprisingly nothing went wrong! I was worried because leading up to it Wyatt decided it was a great time to have a meltdown. It was the best to date, it took him longer than ever to calm down and if he did not have Mr Potato head in his hands it started again so you will see that throughout the craft Wyatt still has him.

Isaac and Eva loved the craft! They had a blast painting, Isaac felt it necessary to paint the table. Once he figured out that the glue made things stick he was all about it. If you tried to take it away from him he screamed and screamed. So Mark and I gave him the glue bottle and prayed. Low and behold he did a fabulous job. Mark helped him with the hair but other than that he glued and stuck all the other pieces onto to Frankenstein.






These are the dried and finished artworks. Isaac’s is the top right and Wyatt/Daddy’s is the top left with Eva’s on the bottom! They turned out wonderful!!DSC00157

Back to a regular morning with some Lego building to buy us some time until lunch and naps. Eva and I had mixed a snack the day before of mini marshmallows and Aldi’s brand Cocoa Puffs and Peanut Butter Puffs. The kids went wild for it. Isaac picked out all the marshmallows first. Eva took her’s and ran back to the Lego’s fearing if she left it alone the boys would eat it but she stayed at the table her Lego art, as she called it, would not get finished.




Mark and the kids literally spent from 9 until 11 building with the Lego’s. I had a quiet shower and got lunch made without any kids screaming, “MOM!” It was heavenly.

We had an all black and orange themed lunch. Burgers and cheese, cheese Pringles, and the cantaloupe and black grape skewers that Eva and I made yesterday.

I cut cheese slices into jack o lanterns



Eva placed the cheese onto the burgers that I again cut into pumpkins. Perfectionist gets the best of me and I could not place pumpkin shaped cheese on a round burger. I actually cooked the ground beef in a sheet pan and weighed it down with the muffin tins so it would cook flat then used my cookie cutter once cooked to cut the pumpkins.


Aren’t they cute!


Lunch! All black and orange and the skewers of death! I knew they would be a hit, as in let’s play swords, stab each other, anything but eaten. DSC00129

Eva loved the skewers but had to give away the cantaloupe as she loathes it.


Isaac loved his face on his pumpkin but preferred to eat Mark and I’s that I used Havarti cheese on instead of cheddar. Grass is always greener on the other side, right?DSC00132

Wyatt was all about the chips, honestly I do not think we have ever had Pringles ever.


And if that was not enough we had decorate you own pumpkin brownie for dessert. I know what was I thinking? I thought oh it’ll be fun, they can decorate and eat it. Well they decorated it but did not eat them so much.






How much candy corn can everyone shove into their mouths at once?


Eva’s finished masterpiece of a pumpkin


Oh wait she must add more!DSC00148


Isaac biting into his pumpkin. That was his first and only bite!DSC00151

Wyatt found it more fun to place the knife into his mouth and shake it back in forth. Hey its a holiday, go for it! Its a child Ikea knife and doesn’t cut through anything. DSC00152


After the sugar rush it was nap time. I made a scavenger hunt for Eva and Daddy to do during naptime. So I sent them out, in the cold, to find what they could in the neighborhood.


Happy Halloween and more to follow with tonight’s trick or treating and dinner!!


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