Finger Painting

When Wyatt woke up at 6:00 am fully charged I knew that today was going to be crazy. Normally he is a cuddle bug in the mornings but today he was up running around the kitchen and jumping off the coffee table by 6:30 am. To add fuel to the fire it was a cold, rainy day with a possibility of snow, yes you read that right it is October 28th and the wonderful weatherman said snow this morning. I knew just knew once he said this that today was going to be fun. I expected meltdowns, no naps, and a possible food fight.

Although as of 4:15 no meltdowns, the boys naps and everyone for once at lunch and snacks without a fuss. Win for me!!

Eva and I did an art project we saw floating around Facebook a few weeks back. I screenshot it in the hopes we would have time before Halloween to do it. Yep three days before we finally get to it. She loved it. We cut out ghosts of different sizes and shapes then used markers and pencil erasers with ink pads to stamp around it. She loved it and made some pretty awesome ghosts. And yes we do art in full costume from a crown to our heels because how else do you get your creative juices flowing?

photo (1)

The boys finally woke up about 2:30 and Eva put Power Rangers on Netflix. Dear god, was my thought as I was watching this with the three of them. Why, oh why has Power Rangers been on this long and why have they not entered the 21st century with their acting, graphics, and weapons. Seriously I swear I heard one of the Rangers scream, ” I’ll take them from the rear!” After an outburst of laughter from me with the kids staring at me like I was crazy I went into “we must do something now mode.” So I grabbed the giant post-it notes and stuck them up in the shower, stripped everyone down to their unders, added the paint and gave them the brushes hoping to relax and watch them blissfully paint. Ha!


They all screamed, oohed and ahhed as I squeezed the paint onto the paper. Wyatt was giggling, Isaac kept squealing and Eva was jumping up and down asking if it was time to start.



Finally after we were all set I let the lions loose. All three of them loved it for an all of 2 minutes. Wyatt quickly got bored after three brush strokes and launched operation escape the bathroom. That was fun, full of paint, naked and on a mission. In less than 2 seconds he was out of the tub, up the toilet, and into the box of paint all while Isaac and Eva painted quietly and contentedly. So I grabbed Wyatt placed him back into the tub and coaxed him to try painting again. He gave me the LOOK, the “I am going to get back onto that toilet and turn and around to smile at you hoping you will be so smitten you will not care” look. It did not work.


So instead he was banished to Eva’s room with a his favorite singing Frozen card. He was quite content until he heard the water running for the bath to clean up. He then came running into the bathroom squealing to get back into the tub.


Eva right here is asking, “this paint is washable, right?” i wanted to say, No I gave you acrylic paint to destroy this rental property and yourselves. Please have fun!” But I did not, sarcasm goes over this girl’s head.

Back to Eva and Isaac these two could have painted all afternoon. They loved it so much that they decided once their canvases were full they needed to paint each other. Eva said she was turning Isaac into an orange monster and he was covered from neck to finger tips with orange paint smiling and giggling while Eva worked her artistic magic.  He thought it was just as funny to paint Eva’s back when she turned around to paint. I love watching these two play together.




After everyone, minus Wyatt, was painted head to toe and the canvases were full I decided it was time to clean up. Its perfect, strip off the diapers and swimsuit and turn the water on and bam they are clean. Not today, I decided we needed more fun, why not, right?


I decided fudgsicles were a brilliant thing to add to the messiness and hot water. The kids thought it was a blast but after witnessing them dunk it into the water, lick it, dunk it again, I realized this bath was not going to clean the kids but make them more and more stickier. Hey its 4 pm in the afternoon and its raining what else is there to do. Oh make dinner, crap I have to make dinner.


So I whisk everyone out of the tub, chasing two naked boys through the house praying they do not pee on the floor. It’s a rental, please do pee on the floor, pee in the kitchen not on the carpet is all I was thinking. Finally one is diapered, who needs clothes when you have another naked boy running around? Now his big sister chasing him, I am never going to catch this boy!

Must diaper that boy, must diaper that boy! Finally no one peed, everyone is diapered and in underwear so instead of starting dinner I flop in the chair to breathe for just a second. One fun activity has turned into a crazy whirlwind. But hey they all had fun.

Crap dinner! I forgot to start dinner. So I run into the kitchen to get everything on high praying it’ll be done by 5:30. In the middle of crazy dinner making Wyatt chose to have a huge tantrum because mom standing at the stove means dinner and 4:45-5:30 my sweet little boys turn into gremlins, seriously never stop during this hour and don’t ask me to come eat at a restaurant ever until these boys are at least 10. So I have Wyatt screaming and trying to pry the fridge open so naturally Isaac decided to chime in and only wanted to be held.

Breathe, breathe Mark will be home in 15 minutes, I can do this! For crying out loud I just had three kids painting together, I can make dinner with two screaming and one almost hanging from the dining room light.  I do this every other day of the week! Finally after a few Whoppers I popped into their mouths, yes their’s not mine, should’ve been mine, to make the screaming go away all was well. I scooped them up and got to the couch to watch some Octonauts, all will be well until the chocolate is gone…its gone they are happy and smiling. WIN! Finally on a road back to normal.

So I breathe, I almost have made it through our dinner gremlin phase, 10 more minutes and Mark will be home, 10 more minutes. Then my phone beeps, its Mark he missed his bus and the next one isn’t for another 45 minutes. I look at my children and they are screaming and jumping on Eva’s bed, laughing and giggling. So I let them, dad always says no but he’s late and its my job to keep them alive and me sane. Jump kids, jump away!

“Please, let them be little,
‘Cause they’re only that way for a while.
Give them hope, give them praise,
Give them love every day.
Let ‘em cry, let ‘em giggle,
Let ‘em sleep in the middle,
Oh, but let them be little.”

-Billy Dean 

Oh and that snow the weatherman said was coming, I never saw. It rained and at times we thought we saw some but after watching at the window for several minutes Eva and I concluded it was only rain and not snow.


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