Mickey, Minnie and Goofy


This past weekend we had three event planned on Saturday, which NEVER happens and if it does I usually decline on at least one. I was feeling adventurous and hopeful so we attended all three.


The first was trick or treating on Main Street the businesses from 9-11 were open for the kids to come and get candy and other goodies. I was very worried about this because Wyatt absolutely hates dress up when we play. As in he throws an all out fit where he screams and refuses to move until you take the costume off him. Where Eva and Isaac beg to dress up daily. Wow did Wyatt surprised us all! Once he realized he got candy for smiling and placing his hand out he was as good as gold! He loved every minute of it. We were the talk of the street, as any child walked past they squealed in delight “Mickey! Minnie! Goofy!” Eva beamed from ear to ear.



There were games for the kids to win prizes from local restaurants and other businesses like bean bags, spin the wheel type of games and corn hole. Everyone got new toothbrushes, toothpaste and lots and lots of candy. It was a great event to get the kids out and to use those costumes more than once! It may have been cold at 9:30 in the morning but definitely worth it. Eva said the best part was getting a coupon for free ice cream at Cold Stone.




We had a blast! We sent Mark home and Eva and I were off to the second event, Kindergarten 2016-17 open house, you’ll have to excuse me as I wipe my tears away here! I know I should be happy to be sending off one of my babies, hoping to regain some freedom for me, for her, for the boys. But as a former kindergarten teacher there is a part of me that is happy she is finally in school, she loves school, but there is a part of me that is sadden to see her go.

For years I watched kids come into school all bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready and eager to learn but as the year went on the tests were pushed on us, the books got harder, writing went from one word to three sentences, counting went to adding and subtracting I started to loose those kids that weren’t confident, didn’t have help at home, or just did not like school. No matter how hard I tried, other teachers tried they just fell farther and farther behind. I was being pushed from my admins, being pushed from the district, being pushed from the state to move on, move on you cannot wait for that one child. It broke my heart to see little five year old children being pushed aside so that our school could once again become accredited. These kids in kindergarten are 60 months, yes only 60 months old and I am being told to just keep moving, who’s going to care about them if I can’t when they are only 60 months old? Many who couldn’t write their name, know any letters or even use a scissors.

I loved my job teaching and when we got into this K classroom Saturday morning I cried because I miss it. I miss seeing other people’s kids, the hugs, the high-five’s, the “I love you’s!” I miss the look on that kid’s face when they finally get it, I miss decorating bulletin boards, I miss talking with other teachers, what I do not miss is what I said above. The rigorous, standardized crap the state hands down. After speaking with three K teachers at this open house I am more hopeful than I was in VA for Eva’s Kindergarten year. Here the rigor is about the same but the testing of the students is not nearly as harsh and frequent was in VA. I will not allow Eva to see my fear in the down-whirl spiral of education that is being handed down by state and governments because she LOVES school and so do I. I want to see her flourish, to think outside the four walls of her classroom, and be who she is meant to me.


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