Fall Harvest Orchard




Our third and final destination this past Saturday was Fall Harvest Orchard in Delano. What a great hidden gem. Everything but the hayride, which is only $2/person, is free! They have baby goats and calves to pet, chickens to chase, tires to climb and three corn pits to jump in. You could pick apples from the trees and they had pumpkins and gourds that you could purchase. The family that owns it was so nice.


Wyatt loved climbing on the tractors going, “vroom, vroom.” Isaac loved getting into the pens with the animals, he was obsessed with the baby goats. Eva had a blast in the corn pit making “corn angels” as she called them.  The kids loved this place. We met our MoM’s group there for the fall party and it was a lot of fun.


We decided to come a little early to check out this farm and I am so happy we did.  This place we will definitely be going back to. We could have spent at least another 2-3 hours there just running around and playing.

DSC09988Wyatt thought it was a swimming pool and kept lying down kicking his legs like he was swimming. It was quite funny!

The kids loved getting into the pens with the baby animals to pet them. Wyatt actually hugged this goat and kissed him before I could even get a picture. I just love it!DSC09964

Isaac just loved these little guys, he must have some of his lunch left over on his fleece as the goats loved to eat and lick his sweatshirt.  But he would run and beg at their gate until you let him in to pet them.


Eva even held a chicken of course though by the time I caught the chicken handed it off to her and grabbed the camera to take a picture of her she freaked out and dropped him to the ground.


The corn pit by far was everyone’s favorite, including Mark’s.DSC09945


I love this picture of Eva just hugging Mark to pieces! She loves that man with every ounce of her body!


We went on a hay ride with the other MoM’s and Wyatt showed off
his wonderful wiggliness, where he couldn’t sit still but loved to beam his smile at everyone so that no one could be mad at him. Oh my does he not look like a huge child here and not a one year old!!





A fun time shared by all, it was the first time we let the boys out of the stroller to roam, well I should say RUN, around. It was fun for them and great exercise for Mark and I. We will definitely be heading here again next fall. The owner drove the hay ride and he was such a kind and very funny man, you could really tell he takes pride in what he does here on his farm. I am highly jealous of them living on a working farm. I would love to do what they do!


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