Walleye Fish Tacos

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On this chilly fall day the kids and I chose to be lazy. We did crafts, read books and watched too many movies but I loved every minute of snuggling up to my three littles.

Usually I associate chilly fall days with warm comfort food but today I had the walleye Mark and my dad caught during the fishing opener thawing in the fridge. We’ve baked it, fried it, broiled it so today I needed to clean out the fridge so we concocted walleye tacos with all those random ingredients sitting in our fridge. Maybe I just wanted a good reason to crack open a cold, delicious beer this Friday night. For me fish tacos and beer are like peanut butter and jelly they just go together.

I always thaw my fish in milk to help cut the fishiness, no matter the fish. Perhaps I read this somewhere long ago or imagined it either way I’ve done it for years and maybe it helps, maybe it doesn’t but I do it just to be safe.

To go alongside the tacos I had a half full bag of coleslaw so I decided we must have a slaw to top them with. Lettuce is just not good on fish tacos, it’s lifeless and has no crunch. If in a bind use it, but cabbage adds a crunch that is wonderful. To keep it simple, well lets be honest my fridge looks pretty sad so I HAD to keep it simple. I tossed the slaw with olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt, and pepper. The vinegar adds a great bite to the slaw. Honestly I would’ve added lime juice instead and cilantro but I wasn’t going to get dressed, put on make up and get the kids out to grab just a few items. Vinegar was my sub in and it worked just fine, but if I were you and going to make this grab cilantro & 1-2 limes juice them, zest then and add that to the slaw…it’s heavenly believe me its usually our go to fish taco slaw recipe. Here  is the recipe Mexican Street Slaw by Jamie Oliver. It is a wonderful topping for any tacos but also a great salad to serve at parties.

I also cleaned out the pantry/freezer by making a black bean and corn salsa. I added frozen corn, that my parents were so kind to freeze for us, canned black beans and tomatoes. All I added was  pepper to taste because the slaw and fish has a bunch of flavor. Plus my boys are more likely to eat the salsa with the spoon without a vinegary taste to it. Again if I wasn’t cleaning out my fridge I would’ve added onion, green onion, cilantro, jalapeno, you know the traditional black bean and corn       mix-in’s.

Now for the walleye, after thawing it in milk, I made sure to check for any bones. I cut the filets into small strips. Eva will only eat fish sticks, not filets so fish sticks it was! Plus they’ll fit better into the corn tortillas. First I dredged it in flour, next was egg and lastly I used seasoned Panko bread crumbs. I baked the walleye and served them in corn tortillas with your chosen toppings. We only had shredded cheddar and mozzarella cheese in the house, boo hoo tacos taste better with queso fresca but again I wasn’t going to the store.

I truly love the challenge of making meals from what’s on hand. Seeing the flavor and how creative I can get is definitely a fun game for me. I actually sat down today and created two weeks worth of meals with what I have on hand only grabbing a few things to round out the meals. I love a good pantry/freezer challenge. Plus it helps you clear out all those items stick in the back you forgot about.

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Everyone loved the fish. Both of the boys ate 4 ‘fish sticks’ and Eva had one. She was way more interested in her chips and dip than the fish.

photo 2 (2)

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Sorry for the poor quality photos I used my phone rather than my real camera because my battery was dead.


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