Apple picking and then Caramel Apple Slab Pie



This past weekend we met my sisters and parents at the Minnesota Harvest Orchard. I love this place, it immediately brought back a thousand childhood memories as we drove up the hill. As kids my parents would take us here every fall. I remember there were times we would meet my Grandpa there and he’d tell us story after story as we rode the wagon out to the orchard to pick our apples. DSC09829


I loved being able to take my kids to the same orchard I once picked at as a child. Watching them run through the orchard, climb the trees, and devour apple after apple was touching.


The kids could have spent hours just running up and down the rows of apple trees. The boys loved not being in a stroller, choosing a new apple after only four bites, and attempting to climb trees.


Isaac insisted on choosing the larger than life apples. Believe it or not he managed to eat at least 3/4 of that apple he is holding.


Eva loved climbing and playing tag in and out of the trees with Zane. We picked an overwhelming amount of apples but I think we ate just as many as we picked to bring home.


Watching my parents and sisters play, well more like chase, all three kids through the trees was heart warming. They had missed out on the first five years of Eva’s life when we lived in Virginia Beach so I loved to watch them creating new memories, ones she will remember for a life time.


Eva was very excited because there were pony rides.Auntie Marlana promised her on the drive down she would pay for her to ride. When we lived in Virginia Eva loved to ride Miss Pearl at a local petting zoo. Eva would talk to everyone about her white pony, Miss Pearl, like it was her own. So when the pony at MN Harvest was white, she was in heaven. She said had found a new “Miss Pearl” She loves ponies! I know someday she would really like to have riding lessons, hopefully some day we can make that dream come true for her.


So naturally when you have an over abundance of apples, you bake. I found a wonderful Caramel Apple Slab pie recipe from The Recipe Critic that was one of the best apple desserts I have ever made. Now with three kids I did cut some corners. So instead of making the homemade crust, I used one of the refrigerated ones. I also used caramel ice cream sauce, because we had it in the fridge. It was delicious. We topped it with caramel swirl ice cream and it was the perfect ending to a beautiful fall day.

photo 1 (1)

If you are looking for a dessert to wow at your next book club, work meeting, or holiday party this recipe is perfect. The apples were soft and cinnamony, the crust was flaky, and the oatmeal topping was crunchy and crisp. There would not be a thing a changed about this recipe at all. Except next time I will make the actual crust and caramel sauce from the original recipe.


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