Nature Centers

We have a new-found love for Nature Centers and have been able to visit quite a few in the past few weeks. I love how we can let the boys out of the stroller and for the most part they stay with us. Isaac’s love of water causes him to run back to any bridge we may have passed. Wyatt loves to go and forge his own path through the forest or prairie. Eva loves to look for fun leaves, branches, deer tracks, and flowers. Oh and she loves to pick out her own hiking outfits! At least we will not lose her or fear she will get mistaken as a deer or some wild animal.


This past weekend in the morning we went to Springbrook Nature Center in Fridley. While the floating docks and actual building were closed for renovation it was a great hike. Eva loved finding a beaver dam. She would have waited there all day waiting to actually see the beavers that build it.


Eva is so good with her brothers. She was helping them to see the water below. They were looking for fish, turtles and frogs. None of which they saw but you would have thought they saw the biggest turtle ever from the crazy talk that Isaac was doing. If only he’d make sense of the gibberish he speaks.



Last weekend when we went to Tamarack Nature Center where Eva could read the map and do a scavenger hunt so this weekend she was like, I got this! I am a pro at reading maps. So she was explaining to Isaac here where we were going to go and how far it was. 32

I just had to include this one, I love the sunlight at the top of the photo. 45

These three love to just roam, they will stop to pick up sticks, rocks, and plants. I know we are going to have a case or 20 of poison ivy by letting them roam. But they are kids and kids are supposed to learn through play and mistakes.


Eva found some fun fallen trees so I told her to pretend she was holding it up. I think she looks more like she has to go to the bathroom rather than she is holding up a tree.

So then she found this one and was like, look mom I can hold up this tree too, take my picture. Better, at least it does not look like she has to pee anymore.


While we were here at Springbrook Isaac stopped dead in his tracks because he heard a train. We watched giant train go by where all the kids were very excited to see the train go by and toot its horn. Isaac is our train and plane boy, he can spot and hear them when no one else can. 29

We saw lots of squirrels, birds and to our surprise just as we walked into a clearing in the forest there were two tom turkeys. They were gigantic and just beautiful. The boys were not sure what to do and of course starting yelling at them so they ran away. It was amazing to see them so close to us.

After we walked to the beaver dam and back we took everyone home for lunch and got the boys down for a nap. They both woke up pretty early so we thought let’s go out to Eastman Nature Center here in Maple Grove for the rest of the afternoon. They had apple cider making going on, the trails here are always great, and it was beautiful out.

22Eva and Mark making apple cider. They washed and pressed the apples and it just like that it made apple cider, which was the best I’ve ever had. It was delicious!



As you can tell from Eva’s heavenly look on her face she agreed also that it was the best. She said, “This is the best apple cider EVER!” Even the boys loved it, this smirk on Wyatt’s face was right after his first sip. 25
Eastman has an awesome indoor center where the kids can dress up, read books, watch bees, play with puzzles, its really a great place for the kids to learn.  19

Eva and Isaac loved watching the bees. I felt so bad for them as Isaac kept tapping on the plastic and yelling at us to see them!21Eva and Isaac had a lot of fun dressing up. Eva loved the bee costume, where Isaac would only be a Monarch. He ran up and down the hall way flapping his wings chasing Eva and the other kids. 

After some play time we decided to hit the trails and go for a hike.  We let Wyatt out of the stroller and he was all smiles as he ran down the path. It truly loves being outside where he can run and run and run.


Isaac just had to know what the number was. We told him four several times but he was not satisfied with our answer. 
15Today was the perfect day to stomp through all the leaves. All three kids loved to shuffle their feet to listen to the leaves rustle and crinkle.

Ahh I just love this three so much!


Snack time. After all the running these guys needed some apples to get their energy back so we could make it back to the car. 5



I am excited to find some more nature centers for us to go and explore.


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