Being Mom

As mothers we all have a fair share of good days and rotten days, with two-18 month old boys and a five year old girl our days are crazy.  But I am sure that any mom out there will tell you the good far out weighs the horribly bad days. Just when you think you’ve had enough the sun shines and life is wonderful again. There is no true, right way to raise your children, what works for you may not work well for your friend that you give the same advice to. Being a mother is about rolling with your instinct, praying it is a good decision and that it will not ruin your children. If at the end of our day my three kids are breathing, have eaten, and  kiss me good night its been a good day. If we manage to get out of the house, have no tantrums, and everyone naps its a successful day. These three are my everything and I love them so much.

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My words and thoughts for any stay at home mom so you know you are not alone

I am a superwoman

I give unconditional love even when I feel there is no more in me to give

I kiss boo boo’s good bye

I scare monsters from closets and under the beds

My embrace can soothe even the biggest tantrum

I can wipe their tears and become their hero

I am loved

My kids look up to me every single moment of the day

My love and language teaches them to be kind, successful and loving

I get paid in tight hugs, sloppy kisses, and toothless smiles

My heart melts when  they look up at me, smile, hold up their arms and say Mama for in that moment the sun is shining, the dishes are done, and everything is perfect

I am valuable

I celebrate the smallest and the largest milestones

I create memories that will never be forgotten

I rarely get daily recognition of my successful accomplishments yet I get up every day and keep working

I am strong

Motherhood isn’t always laughter and smiles it can be loud and chaotic

There are no breaks for even during naps there’s meal prep, cleaning, laundry, showers and if I am lucky possibly a work out

My messy house shows I care about my child’s need for meaningful play

My constant running of kids to play dates, school and activities shows my commitment to shape my child’s future & keep my sanity for adult conversation

My cup of coffee is liquid gold even if its drank cold

My ability to run on little to no sleep shows how powerful motherhood can be

It’s okay to make mistakes

Many of us as SAHM don’t take time for ourselves, we don’t stop to smell the flowers enough or allow ourselves to be vulnerable. We feel if we break, if we fail, if we stop what will happen to the family, our kids, life. We pour our hearts and souls into making other people happy that we rarely seek out ways to make sure we are happy.
We create a home where we try our best daily, we need people near and far to us to say, “You are doing a great job!” “Thank you!” “We love you!” “I appreciate what you do for you, me, the kids!” My family is everything to me and I’d move mountains to make them happy.

I am told; “I could never handle twins plus another one” “Wow how do you handle all those kids?” And the best “better you than me!” Yes, better me than you as I wouldn’t trade my crazy, chaotic life for anything because at the end of the day I have one of the most rewarding jobs. I am hugged and kissed by my sweet three kids all day long. My love never ends, it only grows each day as I watch them learn and discover their new talents. Nothing can replace me for I gave them this life. I’ll love them no matter where their life path leads them.

For I am a mom and I have the best job in the entire world!

When any of my three run to me with open arms and give me the tightest hug it takes all the craziness away

When the letter of the day song plays on Sesame Street and they stop everything, go running, clap, dance and stomp I smile with pure joy in the innocence they all three still hold

When they hug and kiss each other my heart feels like it’ll burst

When they say Mama whether in joy or sadness words can express the joy my heart feels knowing that’s me

When they jump on my lap to snuggle and steal a few seconds of alone time I want to never let them go

When they look at me with their big, brown eyes and my heart melts and I know everything will be okay

I cry when I think of how small they once were and how grown they are today

I smile selfishly on the inside anytime they prefer me over dad, an aunt, a grandparent as they know in my arms there is love and safety

Their laughter and giggles are the best sound ever and the most contagious

From the moment they were placed in my arms I knew that I had the best journey ahead of me

*For all the working mothers, you are amazing! I worked full time with my daughter and finished out the school year after having my twins in February of 2014. Juggling work, family, and yourself is not easy and you deserve to know you are a super mom too


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