Eva’s First Day of Pre-K


This morning Eva woke up, threw open her door and yelled, “Today I get to go to school!” It melts my heart not only as a mom, but as a former teacher how much this little girl LOVES school. She came out in her new dress, socks and shoes all ready to go. Sadly it was only 8:15 and she goes to afternoon preschool. She had to have asked a million times, it time yet?

She looks like such a big girl with her backpack on and all ready to go. She was very cooperative and allowed me to take some great pictures of her, which is rare and usually results in bribery but not today.

DSC09754  So we had about 15 minutes to spare, so I ran downstairs to throw in a load of laundry. Just as I shut the tub I heard her scream. I ran upstairs to see what happened. She is squealing and crying that Wyatt bit her. My happy, little pre-k student was now all sad. She refused to move, clean, or let me touch it. This girl is ALL drama when it comes to boo-boo’s. God help us the day she truly does get injured.


So after a long morning and tears that had nothing to do with starting the first day of school we finally got to drop her off!


Off she goes like we were not even behind her. I cannot believe the little girl who clung to me for 5 years, wouldn’t let me out of her sight or even out of the house without an tantrum is just walking into school full of confidence and joy. I am so proud of the little girl she is becoming.


Here she is at the door to her new preschool for the year. She was like, “why won’t they open the door? I want to go in and meet new friends that I can play with all the time now!”


Finding her cubby, she is number 16. When I asked if she needed help she replied with, “Mom I can count to 30. I know what a 16 looks like. It is a 1 and a 6. See here is my cubby.” Yes we are five going on 16.



They opened the door and she never looked back, off she went to get her name tag and to meet new friends. If I had not had the boys to take home I think I would have cried a little more than the tears I had in my eyes already. DSC09764

I did manage to get her to allow me one last picture, a hug, and a kiss. She told me the teacher told her today was all about frogs, she said, “oh daddy loves frogs he is going to love to hear about all I do today!”DSC09765

She did not even notice when we walked out the door, she was too busy making friends and playing. She is going to have a fantastic day.



3 thoughts on “Eva’s First Day of Pre-K

  1. I still remember the day she was born!! How time flies. You definitely need to blog about today’s adventures:) I’m sure you and the boys missed her.


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