Eva turns 5!

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How my baby girl, my first-born is already turning five is beyond me? The years have gone by in a blink of an eye. We were scared and young when she came into our lives kicking and screaming. It feels like yesterday she was placed into my arms for the first time. She made me a mom, she is the one that taught me how much being a parent is truly amazing. Through the days of sleepless nights and endless worrying she grew and grew showing that love can really bind a family together.


Eva is the sweetest, most stubborn, free-willed and loving little girl. She has become an amazing big sister to her little brothers teaching them so many things already. She will be the first one to run to them when they cry and help them up, but will also shove them away to keep the toy she wants. Learning to share with two 18 month old boys is never easy but she tries her best. Its amazing to watch the boys run to her every morning to hug and kiss her. They look up to her so much already, I cannot wait to see the relationship these three will have later on in life.

Birthdays are always a big deal in our house. We love for the day to be filled with love and family. With this being Eva’s first birthday back in Minnesota she has very little friends to invite so we kept it small with a big, fun theme. Eva chose pink and gold for her colors with her food choices being bacon and donuts. So I tweaked it into a brunch theme with baked eggs, waffles, bacon, donuts, and of course cake.

In the weeks leading up to her birthday Eva and I had fun creating and making all the decorations, cookie pops, pretzels and marshmallows dipped in pink candy melt. Hobby Lobby became our best friend during all the planning and creating. Although, there was one thing she requested or shall I say demanded, that Papa make the bacon “because I LOVE Papa’s bacon more than your’s mom.” So Papa brought the bacon so our birthday girl would be happy and eat, see the stubbornness!

We made homemade vanilla bean donuts the day before, baked the egg cups and made the waffles the morning of so we could try to relax the morning before everyone came. But I think the best part of the food was the pink ombre cake that Eva and I made. We had so much fun mixing the colors to just the right pink and then watching the bake darkening in color just enough. I whipped up some homemade buttercream then decorated it when she was outside playing so that it was a surprise to her seeing the ruffled cake. I have never in my life seen so much pink on one table but she was tickled, pink of course when she woke up to see the house was decorated in her favorite color. She looked at me and smiled, saying that this party was going to be FANTASTIC!













When I was little my parents started a tradition with us that was a birthday hunt. They made clues and we would hunt all over the house for our birthday gifts with the biggest gift at the end either in the washing machine, dryer or oven. So of course, now that Eva is old enough we decided it was time for her to start this same tradition. She started with her first clue in a box and with each clue she had to solve it and find it. She received a present and a new clue for a total of 10 presents in all. Great-grandpa was Eva’s official clue reader when we ended up in the living room. It was quite ironic that the first clue he asked to read to her was “the tomatoes need a drink” for anyone that knows my grandfather he is known as the ‘Tomato Man’ and loves to grow and eat tomatoes so it was cute and he was pretty tickled!

Eva's 5th birthday1

Eva had a blast running from room to room, telling me the clues were too easy! So I guess next year we need to have more riddle-like clues than the questions we did this year. I think that my sisters had just as much fun running alongside her as she hunted for her gifts! I am sure that this will be a birthday to remember be all!

Eva's 5th birthday2-001

She had just as much fun tearing open all her gifts from her family. We were blessed to have all my family here, along with my Grandfather, and Mark’s parents. It was a perfect day full of lots of love, laughter and of course family!


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