County Fairs and Family

My hometown hosts the county fair every year so it was a must-do on our summer bucket list. We met my two sisters and parents at the fair. I cannot tell you how much I love that my kids are not able to spend time with my sisters and parents. We have lived so far way for years and they see them maybe once a year. Seeing my kids run around the same fairgrounds that I once did with my family and friends was heartwarming. Warning, warning this post contains more photos than text!

My mom was working the barn with all the exhibits so it was a must that we stop before anything else. The kids all were gifted pens and naked babies, yes naked babies. Mom was working the Birthright office booth so the boys strolled through the rest of the fair chewing on naked babies, I am sure there were some people who had some great laughs over this. Marlana and I surely did!!

Naturally the kids found the face painting booth instantly where Eva and Zane had their face painted. The lady who did the art was amazing. Eva had jewels and glitter all over her face.



Eva found a giant coloring wall with a box of markers as we made our way through the fair she kept asking to go back to keep coloring.


The boys were loving all the animals. They got to see horses, cattle, sheep, goats, and even baby pigs. I wanted to take home with me, they were the cutest things ever! I still think I need to live on a farm and not in the city! I could do without the smell but I love the idea of having a giant garden, goats, chickens, and horses!


Papa showing off the pigs to the boys.
DSC09518-001There was even an exhibit with kangaroos, zebras, and an armadillo. DSC09511-001

Walking the barns discussing who knows what but looking adorable doing so.


Zane and Eva watching the 4-H kids show their ponies.


You cannot go to a fair without the ever present, stick your face into this cut out and ‘become’ a part of it! Thanks Marlana, Molly, and Deron for being better than Mark and I!



Molly and Eva are admiring what Eva called her dream car. I mean what almost 5 year old little girl does not want a pink interior and exterior car?



The boys found tractors and climbed inside and out of them loving every minute of it.

DSC09534-001 DSC09537-001


Needless to say all three kids were asleep before we were out of town.


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