Freezer Meals Round 1

Yesterday as it rained for the 3rd day in a row I got a crazy idea that I needed to create and freeze some meals. I know everyone is thinking, how do I do this with one year old twin boys and an almost 5-year-old girl? Well I have managed to learn to cook with both legs being hugged or pulled on while also giving attention to Eva whether is through songs, coloring, or letting her mix. But the best part is all three want to help, which isn’t always helpful to me but in their sweet, little minds they think they are. So I quickly inventoried our pantry and freezer then began meal planning with what I had on hand to work with.

The first meal I created to freeze was whipped up with Wednesday’s dinner leftovers. We had chicken tacos with beans and rice. So I mixed everything to make chicken, bean, and rice burritos.

DSC09497-001Here is the recipe Chicken burritos

On Thursday morning Wyatt thought 5 am was a great wake up time [I do not enjoy with this, and later you will see he did not either] so I pulled on my apron and took advantage of having only one child begging at my feet. This meal is a turkey. veggie, and shell pasta bake.



The finished meat sauceDSC09468-001

Together and ready to freeze. We made another box of pasta to use the remaining sauce so we froze one 9×13 and two 8×8 pans to pull out for an easy dinner on busy nights.

Here is the recipe Turkey pasta bake

I had this cooling just in time for the boys to be going crazy because it was 10:30 and that is the WORST time in our house. They are hungry and ready for a nap. If we don’t eat by 11am, they turn into gremlins, LITERALLY! So Eva requested pancakes and I know box mixes are great and all, yes we usually have a box for emergencies but we love homemade buttermilk pancakes. No box can give you the flavor, texture nor quality of homemade. I love the Food Network, but since moving to Minnesota we do not have cable so I have to read about everything in their magazine. Not the same at all, but recently they had an all breakfast issue and we love their recipe for Diner Style Pancakes


My two little helpersDSC09476-001

The final product, crispy but fluffy! We doubled the recipe to make 48 pancakes to freeze and reheat in the toaster for an easy breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


By the time the pancakes were done Wyatt was passed out, he could have cared less we were having his favorite meal he was so tired he cried himself asleep without lunch. But Eva and Isaac ate three pancakes each, so I know they must taste great.


Once both boys were napping Eva asked to take a break from cooking to do school work! I love that she loves to learn! I miss being in the classroom but I am still able to do some old Kindergarten things with her while the boys are napping. May they forever do this…ha ha ha, right!


After an hour of schoolwork Eva and I went back to cooking. We made banana muffins. Eva said she would only eat them if they had mini chocolate chips so we compromised and did half with and half without.

We used  Ina Garten’s Banana Crunch Muffins with a few changes.


We did not have granola & Eva does not like walnuts so these were cut from the recipe. We added 1 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 c chocolate chips, and did 1 c brown sugar and 1 c white sugar. These are good and may even had been better had we put the granola in. We made 24 regular muffin size and 12 mini muffins from the recipe above. We froze half for snacks later in the month.

They will not be my go to, so amazing, I love these so much banana muffins recipe. What does matter is the kids devoured them at snack time. Wyatt was not satisfied with just one muffin, he stole three from the cooling racks so I moved them causing him to melt down.


Real life here,we’re not all smiles, laughter and giggles. Screaming, tantrums, boo boo’s and crying is an everyday occurrence here in our household and I am not afraid to share it with you.


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