SPAM, Choo Choo Bob, & a splash pad

Yes, you read that right! SPAM, the slippery, canned ham ‘product’. It may only contain 6 ingredients so to many that would be ‘clean eating,’ but its slimy, molded, and wet when it plops out of that can with a “sch-lop.” My husband has been dying to try SPAM since moving to Minnesota. Because I love him so dearly I decided to do my best and cook a meal for him using this meat.

So I headed to the store and placed this SPAM into my cart. I was flooded with the thought, “What if someone sees I am buying this?” So I hid the can under the tortillas  not wanting someone to think I would actually eat this. When it came time to check out I quickly grabbed the first self-check out I could find, scanned it as fast as I could and placed it into the brown paper bag, like I was on a top secret mission to allow no one to know that I purchased SPAM.

So on Saturday morning I woke up with the determination to get this out of my kitchen. I made my dear husband, 3 kids, and myself SPAM hash. The hardest part was actually touching this product after it fell out of the can, it looked like cat food. I could not believe I was actually going to cook this and attempt to eat it. Anyone who knows me, knows we make a lot of homemade items, we love fresh, local food so to eat canned meat is just not our style. After cubing it I crisped it up on our griddle. It popped and jumped, I still was not ready to try it. Mark & Isaac could not wait to get their hands on it.


Those boys jumped on it, Isaac literally pulled this plate down off the table. Potatoes, onions, and peppers were added and tossed all together at the end. I fried some eggs to place on top. I plated it, it looks beautiful, but l was unsure whether I could really eat SPAM.


Mark and Isaac were loving it. Eva refused to touch it, and Wyatt, well he woke up on the wrong side of his crib this Saturday morning and was not loving life so I made no attempt to get that crabby monster to try anything new. I had this underlining desire to want to hate it, I can’t take another bite, throw the rest away but much to my dismay I kind of liked it. It was salty and crispy, but I couldn’t shake the look and texture it had when it first came out of that can. So while it worked well with the other components in the breakfast but I did not love it and if Mark wants SPAM again he can buy it, cook it and eat it as I do not foresee any SPAM dishes in my future.

After our SPAM breakfast we decided to head to St. Paul to let the kids play at Choo Choo Bob’s Train store. They have an entire back part of the store of just train tables for the kids to play with. The kids loved it. There was even a toy model train in the front of the store that Isaac loved, with a big sign saying no touching! So naturally of course Isaac touches it, pulls the caboose off its tracks causing it to spark and squeal that resulted in very dirty looks from the young boys working the front desk. Insert, “I am so sorry, he’s only 1, boys will be boys!” They were not amused.


For over an hour these three little ones played with all the trains, screaming over who got Thomas and Percy, yelling “choo choo” on the top of their lungs and enjoying life. It was so much fun!

As if SPAM and a train store wasn’t enough we decided to head to the splash pad after dinner.


Eva loves the splash pad, she met two very sweet little girls and she followed them into the water, getting her face wet which is very unusual for her. She loves water, swimming, boating, but despises getting face wet.


Wyatt loved running away from the splash pad, into the locker room, into the parking lot and hiding behind the building. When you take this boy to a park he’d rather run on the paths around it instead of playing on the equipment.


Isaac enjoyed the splash pad from the outer circle. Not getting to far from the water, but not quite sure he wanted to run into it. He laughed and giggled while watching Eva and the other kids run in and out of the water spouts.


Needless to say we all slept well last night.


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